Monday, February 6, 2012

January Totals and thougts

Weights  1:35:00
Swim      0:35:00 1700
Bike      34:27:00 665
Run       14:48:00 113
51 hours 25 minutes.
5 days off, 33 workouts.

Well, another good January.  Almost all the biking was on the trainer pushing 65-70 rpm for 2-3 hour sessions at about a 19 mph outside effort.  This is one of my key tactics every year. I can't do a treadmill so I have to make up for it somewhere.  My one swim had two 50 yard efforts in 32 and 31 and then a 5x100 on 2min in 1:22 and that was after 3 hours on the trainer earlier that day so I decided to keep focused on base until I need to hone that swim a bit more.

Looks like Muncie 70.3 is gonna be my only shot for a pro card this year so I am working toward that right now with a May 5 sprint being my other A race.  Gonna try and race more and have fun.  Weight is still over 180 so gonna have to deal with that but I went from 186 to 178 before getting sick and packing on a little more.

Feb is going to see an increase in running if the weather holds.