Sunday, September 5, 2010

IM St George a No-Go

Cost IM Non IM
Race 629
Wetsuit 180
Helmet 120
Fuelbelt 50 50
Shoes 100 100
Nutrition 50
Tires 140 30
TOTAL $1269 $180
There is also the problem that my front wheel is a cyclocross wheel. I feel like I am unfortuntately at the point in the sport where a couple pieces of equipment can really make or break me. Mostly in the terms of risk/reward. I feel like I would need to race at a 1-2 out of 10 good finish to walking ratio then the 9/10 ratio that I could go with the equipment.

I really like the science behind the sport and the cost/benefit of a lot of things like positioning, in training, and nutrition but there is a point. I think that a new wetsuit (mostly fitting, i bleed in 3-4 places every time i use it even with chafe stuff)) and aero helmet (also for warmth as that is a big limiter for me) are huge. At least 3-4 minutes on a IM swim from the wetsuit as it would also help with the cold. The helmet should provide 3-5 minutes depending on speed. Then there are just a couple more things like new race tires (mine are 7 years old) and more gels and stuff to train with that I can normally stay away from. I also think my budget for the items I want is pretty low so its not just that I want the best but rather those are just the cheapest.

I am thinking about getting these two things and going for Branson 70.3 when I return home.

Friday, September 3, 2010

August Totals and Dislocated Finger

First the dislocated finger. I did it catching a nerf football at the company picnic. Nothing I wouldn't do again and I would toss this ball to my 20 month old. Silly and just caught it all on the pinky. This is not the actual x-ray but it looks EXACTLY like the one I had. Pretty gruesome actually. I still haven't really felt any pain. Just a 1 out of 10 so far. I hope my super healing properties work on an injury like this. The doc said it might and that it would prolly mean it would be super duper stiff though. Was able to do 4 pull-ups today and push the stroller 9 miles so training should be fine. Should be able to ride by sunday. I have to have the brace on for 6 weeks though! So swimming is out of the question. Will prolly bring the bands back out.

August totals.

Swim 1:25:00 3700
Bike 29:03:00 527
Run 14:55:00 112.5
Weights: 0:10:00
Total: 45 hours 33 minutes
Days off: 8
Workouts: 29
Key Workouts: 8/26: 7x1mile @ 7:30-0:10 until 6:30 (7:20, 7:10, 7:00 ect) all on a hilly grass course in Vibrams. That was the "key" part if that workout.

August goals.
Swim 20,000 Big FAIL (No motivation without race)
Bike 350 Big WIN Got some good miles in this month
Run 140 Small Fail Not too bad.

This month I ended up with a fairly good volume. I lost a lot of motivation after deciding not to race a sprint in early sept and a half iron late in the month. In lieu of that it was a pretty good month. Feel like I finally got in some cycling since the baby came along. Feeling like I will be ready for IM training. I have been building a training program that really starts in Oct and then runs until mid Dec and then a month break before kicking it up again. I will post that in a few days prolly.

Sept Goals
Swim NONE haha stupid finger.
Bike 300 This could be lofty with camping for work or pretty low.
Run 135 Really need to hit 40 a week to be ready for IM training so this is the main goal.
Weights are going to start up again. This I mainly want to get in some good sessions. Oddly weights are more qualitative for me then anything as how intense and how they fit into the week.