Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year in Review

2013 Year in Review
Swim 4 hours 28 min                 15200  yards
Bike  246 hours 28 min 
   4824 miles
Run   85 hours 10 min 653 miles
0:44:00  weights
Total:     336 hours 6 min

0:55:00 workout per day.   
6:28:00 workout per week. 
Days off: 151
Weeks over 10 hours:  8 
Weeks over 14 hours:    1
Biggest week June 16:05 
Swim 292 yards per week. 1200 a month
Biked 93 miles per week. 400 a month
Ran 12.6 miles per week.  53 a month
Triathlons: 1 completed
Running Races: 0
Weight in April 192 end 172
Key Workouts:
Numerous Strava KOM's in DE,MD,PA area.

Quote from Last year.
"This was the year of moving to Maryland. Longest drought in blog history. Been battling with really hating this place. Workout wise the cycling is pretty good but everything else sucks.  Won't go too much into it as I am trying to stay positive but let it has worn on me and we still have a while left. Might end up being a whole year of no races, or 1 or 2 off key events."

Well, it didn't get any better. By March I had quit working out entirely and was up to 192 pounds and feeling really sorry for myself. A lot of crappy things happened with 3 of the jobs the wife applied for. Two were previous undergrad hires (which sucks bc when she was working at her undergrad she didnt even make the interview cut) and then someone with lots of money raised in the past.

We are now out in Littleton CO for two years and I think things are gonna turn around a bit. It was rough at first and I have NO idea what I will be doing for work here. The State Park stuff pays 9 an hour for nights, weekend, and holidays to be a Ranger. Well, onto training.

I have a powermeter bc my trainer fried and I was able to get a new trainer and a powertap with a Joule 2.0 for basically $150 out of pocket.  I also have a new GT Zaskar 29R mountainbike bc the kiddo and I do not have a car so I have to tow or push her to pre-k and any hiking or playgrounds we want to go to.

I am gonna start to focus on training just to have something external and under my control to focus on. Have some races lined up as well. We will see how it goes.
Avg over 10 hrs a week.
Less then 30 days off.
Race 7 times.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

St Peters Rec Plex Triathlon.

Swim 525 Meters:  1:40 per 100m or 1:32 per 100y (36 overall!!!)
Bike 18.1 miles: 23.4 mph (5th overall)
Run: 4.8 miles: 32:01 (6:40/mile) 29:31 adjusted (6:09/mile) (25th or 6th overall)
1:29:02       1st in 30-34 AG and 5th overall of 350 with one pro.

Link to results:  http://racesonlineresults.com/events/rec-plex-spring-triathlon/results/2013?page=1

Prior to this race I had swam twice in the past year for a total volume of 1600 yards for the year! The swim is in a pool and you go under the lane lines so it can get kinda crowded. At one point with only 5 meters left in the lane there were SIX people in front of me. I slipped in between 2 and then pushed the wall and went deep and came up first in the next lane. I passed prolly 18 people in the pool alone which is tiring.  I was SUPER happy with the swim considering my swim volume.
EDIT: After checking strava I noticed I did 1 mile more then at least one of the top bike times by the best biker in the area. The extra mile had a hard turn with water on half the lane and then lots of rocks before a turn around. So 4 extra 90 degree turns and slow rocks worth at least 3 minutes.  That is a lot more in line with what it seemed like with others. The course was flooded and there were no volunteers at the flooded section so this was just part of this race and no blame on anyone but it is really nice to know my bike was a lot faster comparatively that I had believed.
I passed around 50-70 people on the bike with slick roads. I would say 20-30 were riding on the left AND weaving. This coupled with the fact my legs never did come around from the past two weeks meant it was a pacing race.  I rocked out a 3rd, 4th, and 5th place KOM on Strava while biking so still a solid ride. Left about 3 minutes on the course on a good day.  Overall fairly happy given everything.
I forgot my race belt and lost 30 seconds getting it (second time ever and the first was this race in 2004) and then went straight thru a turn and lost another 2 minutes. There was no sign at the turn and I looked at my watch for the first time and noticed I hadn't hit it with the race belt fiasco and that pause made me miss it.
This did nothing for my placement luckily and I was able to finish quite strong after taking forever to catch people I had passed a 1/4 mile back going 13min pace.  It was tough to keep it from sprinting in anger. Good lesson at least.
Since this was my first tri in over a year I was pretty happy with the results and no one younger then me beat me. Would have liked the bike to have been better but given the travel and weight being 192 in April I am just going to use this as a stepping stone. I think I could have done the same pace (minus the swim bc of sore arms) all over again about 10 minutes after finishing and I was running all around after finishing. I also feel really good right now.   Should really come around in about a month.

Monday, May 27, 2013

New Me Update

Well, everything is very surprisingly on track from my last post. From a high of 191.6 in April I was down to 177.8 this morning. There have been some workout sacrifices but nothing too bad. I will move from a little over 2 pounds a week to one pound a week.  Bike mileage has been good when I have not been running and I finally got it back yesterday as I was able to hang with the strong rider in the area on the climbs and even take a few pulls on a hilly 64 miler.  I also built a rolling out and back 2.5 mile section on a bike path for the running stroller. I hit a 6:53 pace with it so now I just need a track session.
We are headed back midwest in a few days for 3 weeks and I am going to try and hop in the St Peters Rec Plex Triathlon with about one swim session under my belt since June 2012 so that could be interesting.  We are looking at moving to Peru, NE or Sault Ste Marie MI and should know by the next time I post hopefully if one pans out.
Journey is now jogging a full half mile on the trails at about 5 mph or 12min mile. Her 200 on the track is a 1:06.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fresh Start

Well, I will only say that living in Maryland has been the most depressing thing in my 30 years. I have gained over 20 pounds since november and almost quit working out. 190 pounds does not feel good even biking. I think with there only being 4 months to go living here I can just focus on training for where we may end up next.  I hope to hop into a couple 5ks once I get back under 175.  No tri's bc everything close is over 200 for an Oly.

Going to try to update monthly if things go well. Just need to take it one step at a time for a couple months and get ready for summer training when I should be able to sign up for the next race this fall.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012 Year Totals

Swim 10:33:00                  30750  yards
Bike  253 hours 31 min     4751 miles
Run   158 hours 17 min 1218.1 miles
3:18:00  weights
Total:     422 hours 21 min

1:09:00 workout per day.  Up from 0:53
8:08:00 workout per week. Up from 6:53
Weeks over 10 hours:  14 Up from 11
Weeks over 14 hours:    5
Biggest week Jan 14:48 Down from Jan 15:31:00
Swim 591 yards per week. 2562 a month
Biked 91 miles per week. 396 a month
Ran 23.4 miles per week.  101.5 a month
Triathlons: 1 completed, 1 DNF
Running Races: 2

Days off: 96
Workouts: 425
Begin weight 186 end 184, low 168
Key Workouts
 10x400 1:15 avg (1:13 low, 1:18 high) after 2:30 trainer at 185W
20:59 stroller 5k in middle of run
100M in 1:08, 400M in 62 secs
 10x100 on 2min avg 1:16

This was the year of moving to Maryland. Longest drought in blog history. Been battling with really hating this place. Workout wise the cycling is pretty good but everything else sucks.  Won't go too much into it as I am trying to stay positive but let it has worn on me and we still have a while left. Might end up being a whole year of no races, or 1 or 2 off key events.

Review time. Strava was the big find and I knocked out a lot of good KOM sections.  Fun to have something to shoot for when not racing.  I did start to do better when not focusing on weight.  Drinking is going to be highly reduced for 2013 as well.  Not much else to say bc nothing really happened.
The  10x400 1:15 avg (1:13 low, 1:18 high) after 2:30 trainer at 185W was on Thanksgiving so I definitely have the tools right now so just need to stop feeling sorry for myself.