Friday, August 14, 2015

Deer slammed the car and took the bike off the top.

Click to enlarge the picture.

Well, as you can see there once was a bike up there and now there is not. (it was actually dangling off the back from a strap to the rear wheel rim)  Car is gonna be outta commission until mid Sept. bc they are somehow fixing it.   Already cancelled Pigman bc I wasnt able to even ride it until today and the race would have been Sunday with no rides this week.  I guess there is always next year for racing.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wisconsin Plans

Work up this morning at 167.6 pounds. That is 13.2 pounds lighter then April 5 which was about 45 days ago.  I have been able to get my running to come around and my cycling is through the roof. A 22:07 or 27.1 mph on the bike for an out-n-back 10 mile TT is by far my best ever. Also got in a couple 80 and 90 milers at 20.5 mph getting off and feeling fresh. Running, I am up to a long run of 15 @ a 7:40 pace and my track 400's are right at 1:20. Mile is a 5:39 recently but altitude has never been my friend running. Haven't been in the pool much but that should come back quick with some bands I have been working on. Here is a tentative schedule for the year.

I am moving to Menomonie WI on June 10 with the kiddo for the summer as well so the first race will just be to get back in the swing of things as we will have barely arrived.  

June 14: La Crosse Olympic
June 21: Rockchester Olympic (tentative)
July 11: Phillip Chain of Lakes Sprint
July 26: Toughman MN 70.3
Aug 9: Red Wing Sprint
Aug 16: Pigman 70.3

Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Recap February plans.


Swim 2:22:00 for 7400 yards (almost as much as all of last year!)
Bike 22:22:00 for 417 miles
Run 14:06:00 for 105 miles (24.5 a week)
7 days off

The beginning of the month was really icy and snowy so happy with the totals as my running and biking took a hit. Key workouts were 10x100 in 1:23avg on the 2 min. and a 100 all out in 1:15.
I was also able to get in 4 rides over 3 hours including one over 4 hours and one Z2 power and HR ride of 60 miles at 20 mph on the new bike. Neck still recovering but it was too fun. 

Had a duathlon and I went way too hard on the first run and bike and was in third overall and then faded to 9th. 24.5mph on a 3.3 mile leg dodging people and a decent hill thrown in. I think I can break through in the last event Feb 21 though. 

Main goals for Feb are to do another time trial to get numbers on the new bike now that I have some rides.  Really need to run at least 30 every week. After 30 the main goals are getting in some tempo, speed and maybe some long runs. Gonna try and take the weight down to 172 as well.  

Friday, January 16, 2015

The New Steed

I was able to pick up a size Medium Quintana Roo Lucero without a crank or wheels on Slowtwitch.  I have been itching for a Tri bike again now that we are out of Maryland and the 1 bike limit. I had to get a new seatpost but as you can see it gives a lot more options then the old style. Should be able to dial in a great fit. The frame is one of the lighter Tri ones around so it will be more then noticeably lighter then my Kestrel.
Zipp Carbon Vuka Base Bar and Extentions with Carbon Tektro levels and Lizard Skins wrap.
Zipp Alumina Clips (tons of adjustments though kind of a pain to change)
Dura Ace FD and RD along with brakes, shifters, and chain.
FSA Gossamer 172.5 cranks with 52/38 TT rings paired with a Sram 11-25 cassettte.
Fizik Tundra 2 Mtn bike seat with upgraded seatpost.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Year in Review

2014 Year in Review
Swim 2 hours 27 min             8600  yards
Bike  287 hours 52 min          4811 miles
Run   75 hours 53 min           552 miles
1:14:00  weights
Total:     366 hours 12 min


1:00:00 workout per day.   
7:00:00 workout per week. 
Days off: 146
Weeks over 10 hours:  10
Weeks over 14 hours:    1
Biggest week June 21:31 March
Swim 165 yards per week. 716 a month
Biked 92 miles per week. 400 a month
Ran 10.6 miles per week.  46 a month
Triathlons: 0 completed
Duathlons: 1
Running Races: 2
Weight in Jan 173, Aug 187 end 181.

Well, another year of no triathlons. Moved to Utah this March and then got injured for the first time. Pushed too hard on the bike in the mountains after making too much of a change with cranks and cleats.  Took until Oct to get it figured out and it was pain to nothing right away after adding a small shim and most importantly Specialized brand show inserts when riding.   While in Utah my job was worth a ton if I did overtime and then I just didnt want to run in the evenings. Tried a couple times at 5 am but that was just not happening. Coupled with some family medical issues at home this year was as bad as last.   Did a duathlon in Denver in Dec and came in Top 10 overall with the 5th best bike on these numbers for the past two years is the hopeful thing to look at in the data.  Have a power test and renewed motivation under my belt. Now to just figure out how to get a medium size Quintana Roo tri bike so I don't sit up like a sail and waste 50 watts (about what I came up with from Strava files during the DU).

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Totals: Back in Cedar City UT

Moved back to Cedar City UT to start a new job.  It has been crazy windy here but overall pretty good. Set a new time record for a workout week at  21 hours 31min.
Total hours: 48 hours 31 minutes
Start weight was 171 end was 170.
Key workouts: 10x400 in 1:27 (1:26-1:28) end in 1:23
C Trail in 53 min from parking lot.
5k in 19:13. Uphill out in 9:45 back in 9:27.

Missed 5 days working out with 3 out sick and 2 out for travel so that was the most successful month ever for that.   Planned to have an easy week after the 21 hour week but then the weekend had terrible weather and the wind was so bad I couldn't even have the garage door open.  Weather is supposed to break soon so April will have a slow start. Really going to try and focus on getting some speed sessions in after work if the weather is nice. On the brink of breaking through and still being able to build this year.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Totals

Highest volume February on record and highest volume Jan/Feb combo on record.
Bike   32:31:00              593 miles (MTB miles converted based on effort)
Run    10:43:00             80.7 miles
Total  43:14:00 

            The weather hit really bad and only 1 hour of that is inside workout.  I need to start hitting the weights a little more and try to get a couple shorter workouts in. I hate to say it but the power meter (well its low numbers) is keeping me from the trainer.  I need to get an FTP test done at some point but just dont have the motivation to do it inside. I just figured out how to get a screen down there (the laptop overheats).  
           My running needs to become more regular. Been running speed on Wed and long on Sun with the Boulder Running Company and that has helped a ton. I think all the volume at altitude and with it being all outside in the wind is really going to come around in the next month or so.  
           Weight is at 171 and I was 187.4 one year ago this week.  Starting to feel like 165 is within reach. Not trying too hard but just putting in the miles outside on the bike. Gonna try a 5K this morning just to get outside of my comfort zone running.