Sunday, January 26, 2020

Race Calendar

This is the race plan for the first half of the year.

Feb 22-   UWEC Indoor Triathlon
April 25  Chippewa Ice Age 10K
May 9     River Falls Sprint Triathlon
May 16   Pace and Pedal Duathlon
June 7     Eau Claire Triathlon
June 28   High Cliff Half Ironman

July 25-Aug 7 some big mountain rides in CO and UT

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Phillips Triathlon

Great weather for race day and I did pretty well even though I was miserable during the bike from a rookie mistake. 7th overall of 47. Highlight was T1 was 30 seconds and 30 sec T2 was as well which was :15 to 1:30 better then all of the other top 10.

Swim Goal: 20% off of leader. Actual was 22%. It was a point to point and Sat map showed 400 yards and I got 395 on my watch at a 1:43 pace. There were only 25 people in mt wave but it felt WAY more congested. Really need to get back to wetsuit size to be better with those type of conditions.

Bike Goal. 5% and 250 watts. Actual was 9% and 237 watts. 243 weighted and 22.1 mph. There was a decent gravel section leading out and into transition so happier with speed and watts then you would think. I used my Desoto Forza shorts for the first time and I tied them like I do with my jammers in the pool. (bought them when I was 18 pounds lighter.  It was like a tight belt on the bike. Pushed too long (2 miles) and threw up a little before untying a double knot.  Felt bad the rest of the bike. Did get 5th overall on the only Strava Seg (I created the three sports ones) so not too shabby.

Run goal: 12%  Actual was 15%.  Went 7:37, :27, :17 and was only passed by a guy who beat me into T2 by about 20 seconds. Stomach was still on a roller coaster from the bike. I was running on hate which worked pretty well.

Overall I was only 8% out of first so I feel like I was pretty balanced.  Still getting the bug back and just need to double down on the weight loss.

Link to results.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Phillips Triathlon Goals

At the Eau Claire Tri I was 29% slower then the top finisher in the swim so looking for 20% this time. I was 7% slower then the best bike so looking for 5% and I was 20% slower in the run so I am looking for 12%.  I think that would give me a good plan. Mainly I want 250W on the bike followed by sub 7 min pace on the run. I think 250 is a low goal and I plan on not going over 300 for much of the course.

I am down to 185 pound and I have been stuck here for a while but fitness is going through the roof.  We got a natural gas grill and have been eating healthier meals so I just need to check on the snacks and fuel DURING workouts better. I will try and get some more miles in after the Tri and camping in order to cut that weight back down. not sure what the plans are for the future but it would be nice to get some faster Olympic distance races in before tackling any 70.3 distance.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

January Update

Went from 197.6 to 195.0 so not great on the weight loss front but I have been eating better and exercising  more so I will take it. I will have to make it more of a focus for February though. January brought with it 13 days of workouts so something I still need to work on but I am on a 7 day streak.

Bike: 234.4 miles with one ride over 50 and starting to do a couple efforts here and there.

Run: 20.1 miles with an actual track workout in there. It was just some 200's in the 39-42 range but it is a start. I think I am gonna try and stick with one or two of these a week with some stuff in the 6:50 pace range to get back a feel for it.

Swim: None yet but have started on bands.

Plans:  Really need to keep with the weight loss and then start looking at races. There is an indoor triathlon in Eau Claire in early March, a 7 mile trail race in April, a duathlon in may and an open water tri back in Eau Claire in early June.   Wouldn't mind a 5K in there as well.
This really means I need to look into getting back into the pool pretty soon.

Testing:  I need to get in a TT on the bike so I can see how low my FTP has gone. I am also going to need to figure out a running test for the indoor track but that may wait. Swimming I already have my 10x100 and 500 benchmarks so I will get to that at some point.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2018 Recap and Future Plans

2018 consisted of finishing my teaching license and starting as a teacher in Eau Claire. Training took a back seat to the early year stress (EdTPA which is the worst assessment for teachers ever) and my weight got up to 222.4 at the end of August. The higher weight definitely affected my motivation to workout and ride. My gut was also literally getting in the way based on my position. Since September I have lost an avg of .18 pounds per day or 1.29 pounds per week. Just gonna keep going on that. I am 46.1% of the way to my goal at only 45.2% of the time so a couple tenths ahead of the game.

Swim: I think only 3 swims for about an hour.
Bike:   2295 miles in 131 hours  or 47 miles a week
Run: 144 miles in 22 hours or 2.8 miles a week.

The main plan is to focus on the weight loss while getting more regular about workouts.  Main goal is to do the Eau Claire Triathlon on June 7.  I will try and get a race or two in before then and do some more Zwift events as well. After that I would like to hit some sprints and olympics with maybe a Half at the end of August or Sept if swimming is going ok.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Been a long time.

Started the month off at 221.4 pounds which is by far my highest ever. Ended 7.4 pounds down, .21 pounds per day or 1.48 per week, and 14.5% the way to my 170 goal. Out of the Obese category at least. It has actually affected my cycling and running with my stomach getting in the way cycling and legs getting trashed for days even though a run might feel good.

Starting a full time sub teaching position in Eau Claire teaching Physical Science to 8th graders and Earth science to 9th graders so I will have some routine and less stress (worrying about finding work is much higher for me personally).

Hoping to just get back under 200 so the workouts are not so bad, then keep rushing to 180. By that I mean the weight loss trumps workouts. a 8-10 mile ride needs to be fine mentally and a 1-2 mile run also needs to be. Also not worrying about pace. I have always had a habit of getting out of shape and being able to salvage it in a few months but this will be a long term process.

Planning on using some early spring and summer races as carrots for certain weight loss milestones. We will see how it goes. Here are my Sept totals.

Run: 6.7 miles in 1 hour.
Bike: 502 miles in 31 hours

Switching to indoor always takes me a bit to work up getting some bigger miles in.

Goal is another 7 pounds this month. Try and get some sort of workout in 6 days week. As long as I start it counts.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Deer slammed the car and took the bike off the top.

Click to enlarge the picture.

Well, as you can see there once was a bike up there and now there is not. (it was actually dangling off the back from a strap to the rear wheel rim)  Car is gonna be outta commission until mid Sept. bc they are somehow fixing it.   Already cancelled Pigman bc I wasnt able to even ride it until today and the race would have been Sunday with no rides this week.  I guess there is always next year for racing.