Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weights 0:25:00
Swim 3:45:00 9900
Bike 16:02:00 312
Run 14:05:00 112.3
Total: 34:17:00
Days off: 4
Workouts: 33
Key Workouts: 10/17: Brick: Stroller pull then 5m tempo thru 5k at 19:40 for a 32:30 HR 166
10/6: Track 6x400 (86,83,82,79,77,74)
10/14: 5x400 in 1:24-1:27, 400 in 6:20.
10/19: Track 10x1/3M (69,57,57,56,53,52,48,48,49,47)

Oct Goals Report
Do two 5k's of which I want them both under 18. (WIN, not under 18 but placed well)
Swim 15,000 (Fail, pool closed for a week)
Bike 300 (WIN)
Run 140 (Fail, need to hit 35 at least)
Finally got in some good track workouts and swam a little. Some quality on the bike and just some miles. Also started to get the 1:45 or more run in a couple times which is nice. In November I am using a coach for the first time. Daniel Bretscher from Indiana is going to try coaching me. The first week is a little funky but that is more of my fault due to how my stay at home schedule has worked out. I will also need to modify some of the running to be done with the stroller. Its hard to convey how hard it is to push 50 pounds while you are running.

Nov Goals
Win sprint triathlon and go 52 minutes. (53:45 this spring)
Swim 15,000 and better quality.
Bike 300 Seems like a good distance right now.
Run 140 Need to get ramping for the weather turn.
I really need to be under 168 the whole last week of the month.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Motivation Issues

Up at 5:35 again today and just sitting here not wanting to go to the pool. Maybe this free coaching this can get me through that hurdle. That and the stinking 171.8 that I weighed in at today. Maybe it was just snapping my chain halfway up a mountain yesterday and ending my big bike for the week that I had so been looking forward to.
I may need to find another time to swim or just pick the morning a little more carefully. Only 2 out of 8 swims have been decent and only one of those has been what I would call good and complete. I just feel tired. I think for a week I may change it up and sleep in until 630 and not worry about swimming in the morning unless that is the only workout for the day.
The weather has also turned kinda to hell with feezeing temps and possible rain everyday. At least this is about how bad it is supposed to get all winter with just a little drop in temps and less rain. It just went from perfect to this. It is also perfect at random times throughout the day and I think I really just wanted that free bike ride. I do still like to have fun at this whole thing day in and day out. Maybe thats the real problem.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

No work until April!

Yesterday was my first day off work and start of stay at home dad.I did work 2 hours but I still got in a 60 mile bike ride. I am weighing in at 170.3 (pizza) so I am looking to get that down under 168 for the winter. I hooked up the stroller to the bike and took it for a 90 minute ride hitting all the big hills in town. The rest of Oct is jut gonna be getting used to being able to workout quite a bit and getting food going again. Will also have to see how much the kiddo wears me down. I am sure that will get tougher as the winter rolls in.

I am going to have a pretty regular schedule bc the wee one is in day care for 5 hours one day a week so everything will revolve around that. Next week I am gonna start really getting in the long run and may do a simulated half ironman on my b-day. I am also looking to hit the pool 4 days a week and run 6 with 2-3 bike rides in there. The bike rides will be pretty specific and so will the swims. I am going to focus on mileage and a track workouts. Not much else to report on right now.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

5K Race Report

The race was the Parowan Fall Fest 5K. I rode my bike 21 miles in 1:15 out to the race site (all uphill into the wind so felt more like a 25 mile effort). I was still hacking up phlegm on the way out so I decided to just race as hard as I could. The whole high school cross country team was there and I said I was worried about them and they said they were worried about me bc of my triathlon shirt. I thought that was really funny.

The race started really hard and I was immediately in 5th position. I moved up to 3rd my the 1/2 mile and got stuck there. The race was a little chilly and at 6000 feet. The first mile was a 5:37 (downhill) and then it just slowed from there. a 6:19 and a 6:39 and a good kick meant a 6:10 pace for a 18:47 which was a minute off first and about 7 seconds off second.

Best of all I WON $50.00, a $5.00 gift cert to a local store, and a cookbook written by the community. I am supposed to spend the 50 in the town (2800 people) and I will, just slowly, bc I hit up the local bakery quite a bit and bring people out there all the time so I figure I do my part for local business.

I got to see some big wigs that I work with so that was fun too to show we can all get together and not argue about prairie dogs all the time. I may do a 5K this weekend that has an uphill start which works better for me. I am already ready for the tri in Nov.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Swimming and Track

Finally got back into the pool. Just 1200 and 1500 each day. I am almost hitting the times that I hit since I was last in the pool. May!!! Eikes. I need to really stay on that if I wanna call myself a triathlete.
My track workout was cut a little short bc of the downpour of rain just getting to me (been raining, and I have been running in the rain for days) I did 6x400 a little faster then the planned 10x400. Warmed up pushing the stroller and then dropping it off and doing 2x100 in 18 secs each. Times were 86, 83, 82, 79, 77, 74. I was really pleased with this especially since the 5700 ft of teh track really gets you on these. My HR got up to 176 on the last and 174 on the second to last. That is super high for me but didn't feel that bad. I think that is a good sign and will really look forward to racing at 2800 for my tri in Nov.
I have a 5K this weekend and really want to run under 18. I am planning on biking 60 the day before and then 21 out to the race so it should be a good goal. I cant waste a day off with the baby at daycare. Not really too concerned about times at this alt esp after watching the US indoor champs at this same alt. Just slower. Can't wait to crush it lower though.

Friday, October 1, 2010

September Totals and an "I'm back" bike ride.

September Totals
Swim 0:30:00 1200
Bike 7:32:00 136
Run 13:29:00 98.8
Total: 21:22:00
Days off: 16
Workouts: 18
Key Workout: None
Dislocated finger and family Stomach flu means little biking and 10 days lost running.
Work was also pretty long.

Man, this month seemed terrible but then I look at how many days I had off (nine was most all year in a month) and then to almost hit 100 running is pretty good. Had quite a few 10+ mile runs in there. The stomach flu effects lasted quite a bit longer on my GI then I had hoped. This really make me pull back and some days I just felt tired.

The first workout of October was a controlled 53 mile bike at 21mph with some easy spinning in there. One of the best bikes I have had in a very long time. If I can get that natural ability back trained I should be able to rock some races. The one swim I did went very well as I was almost where I left off.

Sept Goals
Swim NONE (WIN, I got one swim in!)
Bike 300 (DRAW, w/o stomach flu would have had it)
Run 135 (DRAW/WIN, w/o stomach flu would have had it and then some)

Oct Goals
Do two 5k's of which I want them both under 18.
Swim 15,000
Bike 300
Run 140