Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Swimming and Track

Finally got back into the pool. Just 1200 and 1500 each day. I am almost hitting the times that I hit since I was last in the pool. May!!! Eikes. I need to really stay on that if I wanna call myself a triathlete.
My track workout was cut a little short bc of the downpour of rain just getting to me (been raining, and I have been running in the rain for days) I did 6x400 a little faster then the planned 10x400. Warmed up pushing the stroller and then dropping it off and doing 2x100 in 18 secs each. Times were 86, 83, 82, 79, 77, 74. I was really pleased with this especially since the 5700 ft of teh track really gets you on these. My HR got up to 176 on the last and 174 on the second to last. That is super high for me but didn't feel that bad. I think that is a good sign and will really look forward to racing at 2800 for my tri in Nov.
I have a 5K this weekend and really want to run under 18. I am planning on biking 60 the day before and then 21 out to the race so it should be a good goal. I cant waste a day off with the baby at daycare. Not really too concerned about times at this alt esp after watching the US indoor champs at this same alt. Just slower. Can't wait to crush it lower though.

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