Friday, October 22, 2010

Motivation Issues

Up at 5:35 again today and just sitting here not wanting to go to the pool. Maybe this free coaching this can get me through that hurdle. That and the stinking 171.8 that I weighed in at today. Maybe it was just snapping my chain halfway up a mountain yesterday and ending my big bike for the week that I had so been looking forward to.
I may need to find another time to swim or just pick the morning a little more carefully. Only 2 out of 8 swims have been decent and only one of those has been what I would call good and complete. I just feel tired. I think for a week I may change it up and sleep in until 630 and not worry about swimming in the morning unless that is the only workout for the day.
The weather has also turned kinda to hell with feezeing temps and possible rain everyday. At least this is about how bad it is supposed to get all winter with just a little drop in temps and less rain. It just went from perfect to this. It is also perfect at random times throughout the day and I think I really just wanted that free bike ride. I do still like to have fun at this whole thing day in and day out. Maybe thats the real problem.


  1. I know. The hardest part is just getting out the door. But I gave up on early pool swims. I either do lunch hour or at my son's swim team. I'd much rather run in the morning than swim. But early mornings....yeah, tough no matter what, especially with the temps changing. I'm just waiting on the sun to get up here in Arizona so I can squeeze in a 5-mile run. Rough, right?!?!

  2. Thanks Brian. Took your advice and cut out two weeks of workouts on little pieces of paper and put in my 3 possible training times and then moved them all around until I was happy with the way it looks. I think with the longer days and my old SAD effects this is going to help. Will Start next week back on the swims. I swim better late in the day anyway so it will be more beneficial to do it then anyway.