Saturday, October 16, 2010

No work until April!

Yesterday was my first day off work and start of stay at home dad.I did work 2 hours but I still got in a 60 mile bike ride. I am weighing in at 170.3 (pizza) so I am looking to get that down under 168 for the winter. I hooked up the stroller to the bike and took it for a 90 minute ride hitting all the big hills in town. The rest of Oct is jut gonna be getting used to being able to workout quite a bit and getting food going again. Will also have to see how much the kiddo wears me down. I am sure that will get tougher as the winter rolls in.

I am going to have a pretty regular schedule bc the wee one is in day care for 5 hours one day a week so everything will revolve around that. Next week I am gonna start really getting in the long run and may do a simulated half ironman on my b-day. I am also looking to hit the pool 4 days a week and run 6 with 2-3 bike rides in there. The bike rides will be pretty specific and so will the swims. I am going to focus on mileage and a track workouts. Not much else to report on right now.


  1. Rock on! I am so jealous. Wish I can simulate those days as well. Word of caution: Don't jump right into extended or rigorous workouts which could lead to a injury and nasty setback. Work into it. But man, you are going to have a blast.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I am devising a weekly plan of attack right now. Only around 90 miles biking or less a week with around 8000 swim and 40-50 on the run to start. Just got done with a 1:50 stroller pull behind the bike into a 5 mile tempo. Went thru 5k in 19:40 and ended the 5 miles in 32:30. Take 1 min off that for elev to where I race.