Friday, July 31, 2009


Well, there is a Crit in downtown Missoula this weekend. They just chipsealed so I am hesitant bc I have to race stupid Cat 5. (One race here this year and a full pileup in that group) Also if I had spent one more summer in MO I would have raced straight into Cat 3 with a shot at Cat 2 in as little as two races bc of a 70 mile, 80 person, group ride showing I had where I would start in the back of the pack and work to the front for the sprints and hills until it was me and a Cat 2 rider. Plenty of 3's and 4's in the group as well.

Still might do it just bc I dont get to race again until Aug 30. I also haven't been riding my bike but that is of little concern. I have 48 hours to get some miles in. Only in it to win it too. May change to podium just bc crits are crazy and sometimes you get a super stud in Cat 5. 35 minutes and I am gonnna stay only 3 back the whole time. I will also get some video this time and post it.

In other news I got in 41 mioles with the jogging stoller in the hills in the last 5 days. Feels good and this should work out well.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Important Goals

Back from a sweet trip to Yellowstone with plenty of time to reflect. My friend Tony had posted some running and triathlon goals to try and break so I am going to try and knock a few out. I am also not going to sign up for anything over a Olympic tri, and that only if it is a sleep in my own bed type thing unless I can hit 159.9 for two days straight. This will be a main goal of all. With my sleep and taking care of the baby I have really put on some weight that I can get it back to where I was but that was not good enough given the reduced training from being a father. I feel like my natural ability can carry me much farther when I am lighter and that is what I need back bc I still have never completed a Half Iron (2 attempts) and only a little over 13 for an Iron. Just some demons out there that need to be squandered.
Here are the goals:
- Sub 3 hour marathon
- Sub 1:20:00 half marathon
- Sub 1:00:00 10 miles
- Sub 35:00 10k
- Sub 17:00 5k
- Sub 5:00 1 mile
- Sub 1:00 400 meters
- Sub 15 hour 50 mile run
- Sub 36 hour 100 mile run
- Sub :30 50 yard swim or sub :60 100 (dive, but prolly never)
- Sub 23:00 1500 swim, or same pace for 1.2 and 2.4 miles(:30 and 1:00)
- Sub 2:00:00 Olympic distance triathlon
- Sub 4:30:00 Half Iron (Non M-dot, there is TONS of drafting on a really hilly course)
- Sub 10:00:00 Ironman (Any, but KY bc of wave start is preferred, not Florida either, 40 people pelotons, not packs, at mile 50, would really like non M-Dot, so few sub 10's at Independant Iron races)

I think the running ones are all goals I can make and the 2:00 Oly being the hardest (unless there are more then 3 people breaking it that day) only bc you have to be inbetween distance and speed for that one and there are plenty of slow courses where pros go just over or under this esp in the midwest. Sometimes a 24 mph avg is all you can manage and then you have to crank out a stupid run and swim.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Back at it again

Just need to learn that sleep is not always going to happen and I can still get out there if I do it at the right time. Tonight worked well being able to come back and then put Journey to bed and have some relax time after that. Weight loss and just getting out there are the priorities.

Races upcoming are a competitive 4 miler with a huge hill early and then a 1/2 mary a couple weeks later hopefully.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't wear cotton for a Marathon

Tried to pace the 3:30 group (8:00 mpm) for a full marathon. Did great until about mile 17 and then by 19 I was toast. Lost the shirt which weighed five pounds and slogged in a 3:51 marathon. Had plenty of water on the slow part of the course and at the end had another bottle and was STILL 6.5 pounds lighter then race morning when I got hope.

They better not make that mistake and order the dri-fit next year.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Marathon Pacing Tomorrow

Have the Marathon tomorrow and it will be a great jumping off point to start running again. Really gonna put the run on this year until the winter and then try and get my bike back on the trainer. I know that is where the biking gets better and then try and run when possible.

Don't know how running 8 min miles is going to work but we will see. Should be fun to be a pacer.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kansas Race Report

Well a 34 minute swim passing tons of people (not my kind of swim so super pleased with the time considering my lack of any volume). Then on the bike things felt a little off. Made it about 25 miles at 24 mph and then the hip started to hurt until mile 46 I gave up completely and decided not to run bc my hip and knee were swollen. It felt like my hip was disintegrating and the muscles were pulling off the bone. My hands hurt from grabbing my aerobars so hard as well. I could have finshed but without health insurance I wasnt willing to risk it.

Twice this has happened in my LIFE and the other time was Iron where my back went out above my left hip. My legs are different lengths so this may be the problem. The Doc at the race said I was just tight and I was 100% 48 hours later. I bounced a buck knife through my foot years ago and was at 8 min miles in 48 hours as well without stitches.

The common factor was that I tapered for both races from a really good training block. I think I must just get tight and then have stuff fall apart. No more tapering for me. I have in the past had y best workouts after a huge day. Oh well.

Pacing a 3:30 marathon next week for fun.