Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kansas Race Report

Well a 34 minute swim passing tons of people (not my kind of swim so super pleased with the time considering my lack of any volume). Then on the bike things felt a little off. Made it about 25 miles at 24 mph and then the hip started to hurt until mile 46 I gave up completely and decided not to run bc my hip and knee were swollen. It felt like my hip was disintegrating and the muscles were pulling off the bone. My hands hurt from grabbing my aerobars so hard as well. I could have finshed but without health insurance I wasnt willing to risk it.

Twice this has happened in my LIFE and the other time was Iron where my back went out above my left hip. My legs are different lengths so this may be the problem. The Doc at the race said I was just tight and I was 100% 48 hours later. I bounced a buck knife through my foot years ago and was at 8 min miles in 48 hours as well without stitches.

The common factor was that I tapered for both races from a really good training block. I think I must just get tight and then have stuff fall apart. No more tapering for me. I have in the past had y best workouts after a huge day. Oh well.

Pacing a 3:30 marathon next week for fun.

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  1. That really sucks Adam! While I wasn't looking forward to it, I was pretty sure you were going to smash my PR in a half...

    Personally, I don't see anything fun about running a marathon!