Friday, July 24, 2009

Important Goals

Back from a sweet trip to Yellowstone with plenty of time to reflect. My friend Tony had posted some running and triathlon goals to try and break so I am going to try and knock a few out. I am also not going to sign up for anything over a Olympic tri, and that only if it is a sleep in my own bed type thing unless I can hit 159.9 for two days straight. This will be a main goal of all. With my sleep and taking care of the baby I have really put on some weight that I can get it back to where I was but that was not good enough given the reduced training from being a father. I feel like my natural ability can carry me much farther when I am lighter and that is what I need back bc I still have never completed a Half Iron (2 attempts) and only a little over 13 for an Iron. Just some demons out there that need to be squandered.
Here are the goals:
- Sub 3 hour marathon
- Sub 1:20:00 half marathon
- Sub 1:00:00 10 miles
- Sub 35:00 10k
- Sub 17:00 5k
- Sub 5:00 1 mile
- Sub 1:00 400 meters
- Sub 15 hour 50 mile run
- Sub 36 hour 100 mile run
- Sub :30 50 yard swim or sub :60 100 (dive, but prolly never)
- Sub 23:00 1500 swim, or same pace for 1.2 and 2.4 miles(:30 and 1:00)
- Sub 2:00:00 Olympic distance triathlon
- Sub 4:30:00 Half Iron (Non M-dot, there is TONS of drafting on a really hilly course)
- Sub 10:00:00 Ironman (Any, but KY bc of wave start is preferred, not Florida either, 40 people pelotons, not packs, at mile 50, would really like non M-Dot, so few sub 10's at Independant Iron races)

I think the running ones are all goals I can make and the 2:00 Oly being the hardest (unless there are more then 3 people breaking it that day) only bc you have to be inbetween distance and speed for that one and there are plenty of slow courses where pros go just over or under this esp in the midwest. Sometimes a 24 mph avg is all you can manage and then you have to crank out a stupid run and swim.

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  1. Yes, the weight thing makes a big difference! My goal is under 150, I'm around 155 right now. I'm not going to let the weight creep on over the winter this year, going to find a cheap cyclo-cross bike and do some racing... I agree about the sub 2:00 Olympic probably being the toughest. I think the 15 hour 50 will be the easiest, I would think more like an 8 or 9 hour time for a 50, unless it is crazy hills! If you've ever looked the MacMillan Running Calculator, breaking 5:00 in a mile would mean you would be close in most the other running goals (17:19 5k, 35:59 10k, 1:20:04 1/2, 2:48 full). Of course that is only an approximation... Just did 8 x 800 on Sunday, averaged 2:54 for them comfortably. It will probably be a month or two before I try again for sub 5, going to make sure I've trained good and will really be shooting for 4:43...