Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't wear cotton for a Marathon

Tried to pace the 3:30 group (8:00 mpm) for a full marathon. Did great until about mile 17 and then by 19 I was toast. Lost the shirt which weighed five pounds and slogged in a 3:51 marathon. Had plenty of water on the slow part of the course and at the end had another bottle and was STILL 6.5 pounds lighter then race morning when I got hope.

They better not make that mistake and order the dri-fit next year.

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  1. Wow, surprised you made it that far wearing cotton! Did you have many people in your group? Pacing can suck unless it is a perfectly flat course, if you run even pace on a hilly course, not many will stay with you on the hills... Thinking about a fall marathon...