Friday, July 31, 2009


Well, there is a Crit in downtown Missoula this weekend. They just chipsealed so I am hesitant bc I have to race stupid Cat 5. (One race here this year and a full pileup in that group) Also if I had spent one more summer in MO I would have raced straight into Cat 3 with a shot at Cat 2 in as little as two races bc of a 70 mile, 80 person, group ride showing I had where I would start in the back of the pack and work to the front for the sprints and hills until it was me and a Cat 2 rider. Plenty of 3's and 4's in the group as well.

Still might do it just bc I dont get to race again until Aug 30. I also haven't been riding my bike but that is of little concern. I have 48 hours to get some miles in. Only in it to win it too. May change to podium just bc crits are crazy and sometimes you get a super stud in Cat 5. 35 minutes and I am gonnna stay only 3 back the whole time. I will also get some video this time and post it.

In other news I got in 41 mioles with the jogging stoller in the hills in the last 5 days. Feels good and this should work out well.

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