Monday, May 27, 2013

New Me Update

Well, everything is very surprisingly on track from my last post. From a high of 191.6 in April I was down to 177.8 this morning. There have been some workout sacrifices but nothing too bad. I will move from a little over 2 pounds a week to one pound a week.  Bike mileage has been good when I have not been running and I finally got it back yesterday as I was able to hang with the strong rider in the area on the climbs and even take a few pulls on a hilly 64 miler.  I also built a rolling out and back 2.5 mile section on a bike path for the running stroller. I hit a 6:53 pace with it so now I just need a track session.
We are headed back midwest in a few days for 3 weeks and I am going to try and hop in the St Peters Rec Plex Triathlon with about one swim session under my belt since June 2012 so that could be interesting.  We are looking at moving to Peru, NE or Sault Ste Marie MI and should know by the next time I post hopefully if one pans out.
Journey is now jogging a full half mile on the trails at about 5 mph or 12min mile. Her 200 on the track is a 1:06.