Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fri and Sat Bricks!

Fri was a 1:30:00 towing the stroller ride and then my 600's on grass with a turnaround. (6x600 1:54, 1:58, 1:57, 1:58, 1:59, 1:55) for 3.6 miles.

Today I got to the pool and CLOSED. Suck, this happens triathletes all the time. Better make something of it.
Did a 36 mile ride with TWO 10 mile TT's not going into Zone 4. Avg HR for both was 152 and Cadence was 75 then 79. Did a south to north route and then a west to east route. 24:59, and 24:57 for 24.0 mph on each of the efforts. Got some work in away from them as well and some good rest but still held a 21.8 for the whole ride so need to hit more rest so the intervals can get up a bit. Did a stroller run of 3.9 miles in 30 minutes. Need to work on nutrition on the bike and keep getting in at least 35 miles in on the Tri bike. Swimming is gonna be big in the next few weeks as race day is May 15 and the bike is shortened to 33K.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

March Totals a little late.

Been too busy to crunch the numbers but here they are.

Swim 6:13:00 20400
Bike 11:42:00 206
Run 15:03:00 114.6
Total: 32:58:00

Days off: 9
Workouts: 43
Key Workouts: 7:10 pace for the Loop (5.6 mile very hilly with stroller)
4x(5min Z4, 800) 2:44, 2:47, 2:48, 2:48
500 Yard PR 7:23

The swimming was big but I have realized I need to hit the pool a good six times the two weeks leading into an event. With the move in this month I feel pretty good. My run mileage has dropped and hoping to keep it above 30 for the remainder of the season which isn't bad with the stroller.
For April there was some moving adjustment and the couple weeks to get used to 5800 feet elevation. My mile stuff and higher is off but my 600's I did were good which is in line with the science so those will be my speed workouts for the rest of the year.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sweet Action Brick

Went out for a 34 mile ride with a 40K TT in the middle and then 6x600 on a grass field with a small hill in the Vibrams and a turnaround. 4.1 miles total

Hit the ride in 1:37:00 for 21 mph overall and 22mph for the effort. This was the wind mostly and fading hard at the end. Went out in 39:30 and came back in 26:50. That return was with a VERY bad fade at around the 20 mile mark. I tried to ride at around 65-70 but on the way back I was HAULING in my 56x11 quite a bit around 85-90 just sitting at 34-36 mph for long stretches. Avg Cadence was 72 and HR was 145 for the total effort. I downed two bottles during the ride and one had 350 cals of Sustained Energy in it.

That intake helped with the following 6x600. I hit these in 1:58, 1:58, 1:57, 1:58, 1:57, 1:56. This made up for feeling like hell on the bike. I finally feel like my run off the bike is a true strength. Going for the Peter Reid strategy of running just as fast or faster off the bike as in an open race. I like this workout and am gonna go for just hitting more of the 600's or not having a semi cooldown at the end of the ride but the wind will dictate that

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Race Report: So Close!

400 yard swim, 10 mile bike, 3.1 mile run.
Final time was 54:01. 2 overall to Ben Hoffman who was 50:45 and got second at the Desert Du and went 8:24 at IM AZ. so out of the 3:15 down I lost 2:15 on the swim, 15 seconds on the bike and the rest, 45 seconds on the run. The course was tough with 3 turnarounds at the bottom of hills and a 90 degree turn at the bottom of a hill. I was stoked to be so close to Ben. I beat another Pro who has a 70.3 PR of 4:09 as well. Granted they had had a big week though. 26:07 for the bike on the garmin for 22.9 mph as well.

I would have scored the course record so I will now claim the Amateur Course Record. I also missed a $100 dollar gift cert and only got the $20 buck and I have to buy shoes. Oh well. There was a lot of talk about Bens overall time not being legit so I feel a little better. I broke 18 on the run without being able to use my feet the first 1/4 so a good score there. I was either 17:54 or 17:24 bc of the timing and I messed up my garmin. The second half of the run was a 8:34 but I was much slower on the first 1/4 and the second 1/4 was downhill so the finish was the best finish of any race I have ever had. This race has me really pumped for the rest of the season.

More Utah training:
Did Kolob Canyon into the wind in 26:16 for 5.1 miles but no elav data this time. This is a perfect killer climb with everything and a little decent after about 17 min in. Made it 46 miles total and pulled the stroller in the main canyon for 2:45 of riding. Also been playing tennis (Normann Stadler style) to mix things up.