Friday, April 16, 2010

Sweet Action Brick

Went out for a 34 mile ride with a 40K TT in the middle and then 6x600 on a grass field with a small hill in the Vibrams and a turnaround. 4.1 miles total

Hit the ride in 1:37:00 for 21 mph overall and 22mph for the effort. This was the wind mostly and fading hard at the end. Went out in 39:30 and came back in 26:50. That return was with a VERY bad fade at around the 20 mile mark. I tried to ride at around 65-70 but on the way back I was HAULING in my 56x11 quite a bit around 85-90 just sitting at 34-36 mph for long stretches. Avg Cadence was 72 and HR was 145 for the total effort. I downed two bottles during the ride and one had 350 cals of Sustained Energy in it.

That intake helped with the following 6x600. I hit these in 1:58, 1:58, 1:57, 1:58, 1:57, 1:56. This made up for feeling like hell on the bike. I finally feel like my run off the bike is a true strength. Going for the Peter Reid strategy of running just as fast or faster off the bike as in an open race. I like this workout and am gonna go for just hitting more of the 600's or not having a semi cooldown at the end of the ride but the wind will dictate that


  1. Adam - Comparison of riding/running in Utah as compared to Missoula? Road conditions, access to lower traffic areas, elevation, etc? Just curious.

  2. There are no low traffic areas in Missoula and the drivers there dislike cyclists. The city roads here are HUGE. Like an extra lane in most places so towing the stroller is easy. There are two roads going up to 10500 elav that are nice and another to around 8000. Cedar City sits at 5700 as compared to 3200 in Missoula. I also have acces to climb the Kolob Canyon of Zion National Park which is the best climb ever. With those four climbs (the only thing is they are stupid hard)

    Rural MissouRI still ranks high bc of a ride of 4 hours where I saw more horse and buggy's then cars. Cant beat that in my opinion.

    The negative is that the wind is dangerous and mostly from the south. I do have an uninterupted TT option from my house though for solid bricks.