Friday, December 25, 2009

The good and bad of being your own enemy.

(This is a little old but I had a draft sitting here but I think I will just publish it as is)
The other day I ate at chik fil a and ate like I would want my enemy to eat. To rectify the situation I went out and did the workout that I would not want my enemy to do.

It was cold and pouring rain and I got in 7 good miles with 8x100 100 yard strides at 18 seconds each. I then knocked out a 65 second 400 in my trail shoes. I matched my PR when all the circumstances were wrong. I collapsed on the track in the dark and then did a cool down lap before just standing in the moonlight with the cold rain beating down on me until I started to cool down too much.

I am going to hang on to this moment because it is truly at the heart of what I do. It is the why. The why is something that I struggle to explain to myself and others. It is why I need it but also want it. "It" is different to many other people. It is a journey (pardon the pun) to mentally become the person that I feel I am.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New phone and more running

Posting this from my blackberry of which I alsi tweet my workouts to the right of this blog. Julie will also be able to track me with gps when I ride. Have 44 mile in 4 days and it is adding up in my quads. Wish I had my scale for weight management.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No go on Chariot ski conversion

My homemade contraption failed. But at least I saw a guy who had one and said that you really need a groomed trail and that snowshoeing with it might make it a little too bouncy against the stomach which was my main problem. So a big no go.

I have a lot of motivation right now but the weather is just too sucky to get good workouts in. Hitting the trainer 1.5 hours before I am normally in bed doesn't seem like much of an option. Gonna have to try hard to figure something out. That was the purpose of this whole snowshoe thing.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Planning mt trainer rides and building a ski kit for the Chariot.

Have my races pretty well figured out whether I am in Utah or Missouri. We are leaving this weekend to go to STL until Jan 2 and then I will have my Garmin sensor back and my Tri bike by the end of January. I checked last year and got my times and stuff down.

10 mile TT: 23:52 (25.1) HR154 cad 79
Best workout: 5x5 minute intervals with ow at 26.4 mph
Best single interval: 27.6 @ HR 157 cad 86

I am using 167 as my LT so either it is too high or I am not going hard enough.

I am gonna hit the 10 mile TT right away. Get in 3 interval workouts and then do a 20 and then 3 more and another 10. Then 3 more and a 40K. Those 13 workouts will show me what I need to work on. Gonna keep hitting base until then.

Got two kids snowboards that have pre-drilled holes and some aluminum window sliders to build a ski kit for the chariot so I can pull it behind me when I am snowshoeing. Should be interesting and a killer workout either way. Will put pics up when I am done. So far I have spent 10 dollars and hoping to keep it to 15. The kit is $275 from REI.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Race Report: Too cold for Montana even

Well it was 10 degrees and 20-25 mph winds. They cut the 1/2 marathon to a 10 mile run. I have NEVER had a decent race in the cold. Give me 100 degrees and I am golden. That said I went out the first 4 miles holding back at a 6:10 pace, around 31 minutes for 5 miles, and then came through six miles at a overall of 6:19 since there was into the wind running. . The next 4 my avg shot up to a 6:44 avg and I had to walk bc I threw up a little bit running at a 7:40 pace. I was just on fire cold. With my legs at different lengths the cold just kills my circulation. A guy who can run a 1:09 half went 58:15 for this 10 mile so my 1:07 wasn't so bad. Should have done the 5K. Prolly would have set a PR.

My running partner Dale Reese was only a minute behind me and had the best race of everyone by far. Congrats!