Friday, December 25, 2009

The good and bad of being your own enemy.

(This is a little old but I had a draft sitting here but I think I will just publish it as is)
The other day I ate at chik fil a and ate like I would want my enemy to eat. To rectify the situation I went out and did the workout that I would not want my enemy to do.

It was cold and pouring rain and I got in 7 good miles with 8x100 100 yard strides at 18 seconds each. I then knocked out a 65 second 400 in my trail shoes. I matched my PR when all the circumstances were wrong. I collapsed on the track in the dark and then did a cool down lap before just standing in the moonlight with the cold rain beating down on me until I started to cool down too much.

I am going to hang on to this moment because it is truly at the heart of what I do. It is the why. The why is something that I struggle to explain to myself and others. It is why I need it but also want it. "It" is different to many other people. It is a journey (pardon the pun) to mentally become the person that I feel I am.

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