Monday, December 14, 2009

Planning mt trainer rides and building a ski kit for the Chariot.

Have my races pretty well figured out whether I am in Utah or Missouri. We are leaving this weekend to go to STL until Jan 2 and then I will have my Garmin sensor back and my Tri bike by the end of January. I checked last year and got my times and stuff down.

10 mile TT: 23:52 (25.1) HR154 cad 79
Best workout: 5x5 minute intervals with ow at 26.4 mph
Best single interval: 27.6 @ HR 157 cad 86

I am using 167 as my LT so either it is too high or I am not going hard enough.

I am gonna hit the 10 mile TT right away. Get in 3 interval workouts and then do a 20 and then 3 more and another 10. Then 3 more and a 40K. Those 13 workouts will show me what I need to work on. Gonna keep hitting base until then.

Got two kids snowboards that have pre-drilled holes and some aluminum window sliders to build a ski kit for the chariot so I can pull it behind me when I am snowshoeing. Should be interesting and a killer workout either way. Will put pics up when I am done. So far I have spent 10 dollars and hoping to keep it to 15. The kit is $275 from REI.

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