Sunday, December 6, 2009

Race Report: Too cold for Montana even

Well it was 10 degrees and 20-25 mph winds. They cut the 1/2 marathon to a 10 mile run. I have NEVER had a decent race in the cold. Give me 100 degrees and I am golden. That said I went out the first 4 miles holding back at a 6:10 pace, around 31 minutes for 5 miles, and then came through six miles at a overall of 6:19 since there was into the wind running. . The next 4 my avg shot up to a 6:44 avg and I had to walk bc I threw up a little bit running at a 7:40 pace. I was just on fire cold. With my legs at different lengths the cold just kills my circulation. A guy who can run a 1:09 half went 58:15 for this 10 mile so my 1:07 wasn't so bad. Should have done the 5K. Prolly would have set a PR.

My running partner Dale Reese was only a minute behind me and had the best race of everyone by far. Congrats!


  1. Adam - The Hammer order must have worked as I now have a credit on the acct. Thanks!

    Tough run but you did well. Did you see the Missoula Marathon got rated #1 overall (in the friggin' world!!) by Runners World? Wow. Have you run that one? I would like to try that half someday out there.

  2. I tried to help pace the 3:30 group and everything was fine but the cotton T-shirt caught up to me. Lost 7 pounds with 2 bottle of water in me.
    Anyway, it is nothing spectacular and this rating might ruin it. They put it on like they have enough people for twice the runners but that will prolly not last.
    I would have liked more aid stations but I am used to one every mile. (Being a pacer I had groups that would pull behind and I would have had to wait for water and hence my eventual problem at mile 21.