Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012 Year Totals

Swim 10:33:00                  30750  yards
Bike  253 hours 31 min     4751 miles
Run   158 hours 17 min 1218.1 miles
3:18:00  weights
Total:     422 hours 21 min

1:09:00 workout per day.  Up from 0:53
8:08:00 workout per week. Up from 6:53
Weeks over 10 hours:  14 Up from 11
Weeks over 14 hours:    5
Biggest week Jan 14:48 Down from Jan 15:31:00
Swim 591 yards per week. 2562 a month
Biked 91 miles per week. 396 a month
Ran 23.4 miles per week.  101.5 a month
Triathlons: 1 completed, 1 DNF
Running Races: 2

Days off: 96
Workouts: 425
Begin weight 186 end 184, low 168
Key Workouts
 10x400 1:15 avg (1:13 low, 1:18 high) after 2:30 trainer at 185W
20:59 stroller 5k in middle of run
100M in 1:08, 400M in 62 secs
 10x100 on 2min avg 1:16

This was the year of moving to Maryland. Longest drought in blog history. Been battling with really hating this place. Workout wise the cycling is pretty good but everything else sucks.  Won't go too much into it as I am trying to stay positive but let it has worn on me and we still have a while left. Might end up being a whole year of no races, or 1 or 2 off key events.

Review time. Strava was the big find and I knocked out a lot of good KOM sections.  Fun to have something to shoot for when not racing.  I did start to do better when not focusing on weight.  Drinking is going to be highly reduced for 2013 as well.  Not much else to say bc nothing really happened.
The  10x400 1:15 avg (1:13 low, 1:18 high) after 2:30 trainer at 185W was on Thanksgiving so I definitely have the tools right now so just need to stop feeling sorry for myself.