Sunday, August 30, 2009

Roots run and weight update.

Well, just quit my job to be stay at home dad for the next 9 months. Started things off with a 4 mile race. First mile went ok in 6:11 with a stupid hard hill and then things fell apart on the next 3 miles back down. Got a sidesplit the same place as last year. The start was delayed 15 minutes (felt cooled down by then) for a train and I am up a lot in weight without any speedwork. I still feel my 1/2 mary in Dec will be solid.

I am already .5 pounds under my fast track weight loss for the end of this week (6 days away) and I have notoriously had bad workouts on lighter days. The race ended in 25:11 so not horrendous but the split meant the workout kinda sucked. Gonna go with the track practice warm-up at my next faster race. Run at least 2.5 miles nonstop and then some strides.

I also got in 95 miles with the jogging stroller in the past two weeks and some riding so I am definately a little worn down for that kind of effort. I know the stoller is gonna make me really strong though and this whole time until May is only about weight loss and staying fit.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weight Loss Ultimatum

Here is the plan for getting to race weight so I can sign up for another Half Iron. No beer or sweets of any kind if I am not on track. My wife is doing this as well. We also will need to eat really well for a long time which will help us reach our goal of eating how we want Journey to eat so that we can set a good example.
I need to loose 20.8 pounds to the two columns are keeping on track and the latter is loosing 15 fast and then 5 slow. Keep a watch on me using the training log link to the right.

Aug 22 180.02 179.77
29 179.44 178.94
Sept 5 178.86 178.11
12 178.28 177.28
19 177.7 176.45
26 177.12 175.62
Oct 3 176.54 174.79
10 175.96 173.96
17 175.38 173.13
24 174.8 172.3
31 174.22 171.47
Nov 7 173.64 170.64
14 173.06 169.81
21 172.48 168.98
28 171.9 168.15
Dec 5 171.32 167.32
12 170.74 166.49
19 170.16 165.66
26 169.58 165.34
Jan 2 169 165.02
9 168.42 164.7
16 167.84 164.38
23 167.26 164.06
30 166.68 163.74
Feb 6 166.1 163.42
13 165.52 163.1
20 164.94 162.78
27 164.36 162.46
Mar 6 163.78 162.14
13 163.2 161.82
20 162.62 161.5
27 162.04 161.18
Apr 3 161.46 160.86
10 160.88 160.54
17 160.3 160.22
24 159.72 159.9
May 1 159.14 159.58

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Obliterated at track workout

Went to the gravel/dirt track and just killed my self. 31 miles of jogger stoller was ripping the abs and tearing the pecks. Legs were also trash. The track was long by GPS (The grass was growing in so they spilts were .51 or .51 which on the real track they are .49 most times bc the Gps cant perfectly measure the burve but meaures straight lines and lots of intervals. They were about 3-4 seconds off so I was sorta more dissapointed at the time then I am now.

Anyway adjusted times were 2:49, 2:53, 2:56, 2:59, 3:00, 3:01.

Might try the same thing again bc Julie was there running during my rest and taking turns pushing Journey and ti worked well.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Longest Stroller Run To Date

Went out and managed 13.6 miles (with some hills) in 1:59:00 and my abs were TOAST afterwards. I went thru my usual 8.8 with a little ahead (on time but elav was highest point) and then just survived after that. I dont want to push the long run until I can get aat least 3 solid high mileage weeks in and I want to slowly bring Journey up to staying the the stroller longer.

Also built a weight loss plan to be at 159.8 by May 1, 2010. My wife and I are going to do something to help make this happen (she is losing too). Thats 20.8 pounds and my size is not that bad so this should be interesting but the best time to really try it since racing is only for fun (and not proving something for myself)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Back from Vacation

No real chance to run unless I wanted to burden the car with tons of sweat and in retrospect I should have just brought my bicycle. Ate way too much bc some places wanted 16 bucks for a tiny piece of Salmon and lettuce so I would wait and binge at Micky D's for 4 bucks. Gotta get that under control and bring lots of healthy food on all my trips from here on out. Put the weight on but gonna give it a few days to mellow out before seeign how bad the damage was.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wanna gain weight?

Travel with a baby. She hates being away from home so we get the brunt of it. Cant believe how long she can cry just wanting to get up to play. She had better be a professional tennis player or something with those lungs. I hope to gain less then a pound a day this week. Think I am not serious. Go check my weight gain last time she acted like this. One pound a day just to have enough sugar and energy and nervous eating to try and enjoy what we were trying to do in the first place.

Don't know why we even try.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Criterium Results

Well, the race stared fast, the first video clip is the start which was only just out of view. So fast already. I am the rider in a red vest with black sleeves and black and blue shorts 2nd to last! The Men B guys took off even before I could get clipped in.

There was then a one person wreck with 2 people behind him (one was me) in only 2 more turns from the start and I spent the next 4-8 laps (no idea, bc of breaking up) trying to latch back on. I had to veer very wide and slowed down bc he was sliding my way. Burned most my matches there. Made my way back up and actually won a prime and you can see me taking off on the bell lap. I lost some of that crownd and led for 90% of the last lap before dying.

SUPER pleased bc I got 4th overall with over 20 in the field and 2nd in the Cat5 so I made my podium and I was so dead even before I got back on the peloton 8 out of 10 matches burned.
Just not like the midwest race I was in before. The guy who wrecked also cut me off getting back into the race when I was trying to latch on and caused me a whole nother lap by myself. Won a hat and a 12 pack of Fat Tire beer for my efforts. Also got some more goodies so that was fun.