Sunday, August 30, 2009

Roots run and weight update.

Well, just quit my job to be stay at home dad for the next 9 months. Started things off with a 4 mile race. First mile went ok in 6:11 with a stupid hard hill and then things fell apart on the next 3 miles back down. Got a sidesplit the same place as last year. The start was delayed 15 minutes (felt cooled down by then) for a train and I am up a lot in weight without any speedwork. I still feel my 1/2 mary in Dec will be solid.

I am already .5 pounds under my fast track weight loss for the end of this week (6 days away) and I have notoriously had bad workouts on lighter days. The race ended in 25:11 so not horrendous but the split meant the workout kinda sucked. Gonna go with the track practice warm-up at my next faster race. Run at least 2.5 miles nonstop and then some strides.

I also got in 95 miles with the jogging stroller in the past two weeks and some riding so I am definately a little worn down for that kind of effort. I know the stoller is gonna make me really strong though and this whole time until May is only about weight loss and staying fit.

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  1. Man, I wish I could get in the run mileage you have been. That will have to wait until next year if I can get this Achilles healed when the snow starts to fly.

    And you should consider the West River tri in Dickinson. Not that far from Missoula! You'd win hands down. Top 5 overall get awards (whatever those may be). If you need more info...let me know.