Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Science and Stitches

Well, found out the side stitch was prolly me running too much out of comfort zone with poor form and poor breathing technique (why I felt so slow). It also makes sense that the crit I was able to do this without a problem bc my insides were not bouncing my diaphram onto my liver and spleen repeatedly. Seems like my lungs and legs were there but I just wasn't ready to race. (95 stroller miels in 13 dats before) The first mile was prolly around a 5:45 with the hill converted so it makes sense. At least it feels like my endurance is there. 9.3 miles in the hills with the stroller in the heat and it felt great.

Now to the Science.
I really need to get back to testing and keeping track of my effort. I don't think I am going ahrd enough at some points of my runs and slow enough on others. Gonna go back to being a Slave to the HR monitor when using the stroller just bc it is a different activity and my percieved excertion is all over the place. Gonna try and get up in sone 4 more often as this is the Zone I think I can race in effectively.

PS: I also updated my Training Log LINK so that ti looks a little better. Please use the new one.

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