Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5:26 timed mile and new motivation.

Well, it wasnt in the cards. Today was a low weight day. Historically intervals on a day like today are bad to say the least. I ate a lot this morning to try and get some fuel back in me but still felt like crap (it is hit/miss on track night at 6 pm, typically either awesome or horrible). Warm up was prolly too short and my flying start 100's were only around 19 seconds.

Went out in 35 (4:40 pace) and around the lap in 73. Bad idea. Then 2:35, 4:00, 4:26. I had had almost as fast uphill 1/2 mile with the stroller earlier in the week. It was the lungs that were the weak link. That makes sense given the training I have been doing. I am going again in two weekends on my own terms and with a much longer and better warm up. Gonna use this time to really hit the intervals hard. Gonna try and get some more Zone 5 stuff going.

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