Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stay on Target, Stay on Target.

A little Star Wars reference to start off. Training has been going alright but I almost lost focus on the weight loss. You see, I think I have accomplished about what I want to sitting around 180 and at 5'10". My low weight since adulthood I believe is 163 twice and running felt sweet. I know I can get lower then that and it would be nice ot see what target I can hit. I also think I will be less injury prone (not that I am) and less fatigued (not trying to loose weight all the time).

Here is the science. The site I use also has a predicted time that show 4 different models to get you a predictor and the rest of the site is pretty awesome as well.

In my own research in recent years the "beefiest" triathletes to do well are Andy Potts, TJ Tollakson, and Raynard Tissnik. They all sit right around 22.4 BMI. TJ is also 5'10" and my build and he weighs in a little more then 156 most the time but gets down there on his best performances and has talked abotu his struggles with "performance: wieght quite a bit. I think I just want to hit the upper end of this and get to at least under 160 to see how my performance can improve.

At 172 I set my 5K (18:00) and 13.1 (1:24:00) records and if I were to get down near 156 I would be in the mid 16's and 1:17 for the half. I also truly "feel" like I would be able to hit these.

The best race I ever had in comparison to others in the Mountain climb. The worst was a downhill 1/2 in Bryce Canyon. When I am light the downhills get better. I think I transfer over the hills from cycling. My build and weight is somewhat close to Lance so it makes sense that I can hold my own cycling uphill but not running. I am always in the constant battle to train well (which I know you need to be properly fueled, which means not loosing weight for me) and being lighter. I know other people also struggle with this as many of our current weights are healthy bc of our lifestyle btu maybe not in performance.

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