Thursday, September 10, 2009

Real workout in quest for 4:59 mile

Hit the packed gravel trail with the stroller today for 9.3 miles with 5x 1/2M intervals trying to hit Z4 by .15M into the interval. Managed 3:06,3:07,3:09,3:10,2:53 with 9 min in Z4 and 1:30 in Z5 all on the last interval. I think that is around all you can manage with a stroller in the conditions that I was in. Maybe might be able to hit 2:45 on a good day but that would be it.

On Tues I go for one of the Tony Rigdon challenge goals. (actually he missed this obvious one but added it after I said something. The goal is a sub 5 minute mile. Now I have never done this before so it is a little more elusive and my training has not been up to par for it. I think it is short enough though that I will be able to push through. That last interval today was meant to simulate how it would feel. The only thing I think will hold me back is just an off day or not having the speed the first 400. If I make it 3 laps it should be in the bag. We will see.

Off to Glacier National Park for the weekend to hike to a glacier before they dissapear.

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