Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bike ride I wont do again.

Took the Cross bike with road gearing (39/25 granny) out to marshall grade and shaved 40 seconds off the climb down to 13:04. Then hit the fire roads and spend 36 min in zone 4 and 10 in zone 3. I had to stand quite a bit to just to get the speed to hold the traction. about 2500 climbing so pretty good effort. The down hill was BONE jarring and I thought my arms were going to be bruised.

The weight loss is going well and I nailed 54 miles with the stroller last week with some better efforts. Starting to get some data with the HR strap so I can change the workouts week to week. I think I might be able to top out at 60 so I am gonna hit itensity after 45 miles in the belt.

The weather cools down here next week so I am looking for some good runs. No body fatigue other then dead tired by the end of the day. Thats been the case since the baby though.

Getting the Ironman bug, more on that later....

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  1. I thought we agreed no more than 50 with the stroller...