Friday, October 30, 2009

Missed weight target

Well, my birthday was wed and so by fri I was way up for the week. Started "The Daily Plate" calorie tracker over at Livestrong. Gonna go for 2500 calories a day for a week and see what that does. I will eat more on Sunday for the long workout though.

I am feeling super strong in the hills lately although my back threw me for a loop this week. ON track to hit 65+ miles this week and will cut back next week a little bc of the race. Fri and Sat will be a little easier. This weight loss really needs to stay on track bc I am starting to feel really good running and I am getting stronger with the stroller at the same time.

Race up Mount Sentinel next Sun. Brutal, 1950 ft in 2.3 miles for 16.1 % grade with the start being around 20 %. Going for under 30 minutes. 28 would be in my dream world bc last year I ran 25:03 for 1.75 miles up a steeper route which ends up being faster at these grades.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wallman trail and updates.

Down 10 pounds from Aug 15. Updated my measurements and my quads are getting bigger in respect to my calves. That bodes well for triathlon, up to a ratio of 1.56 from 1.44 this year. Must be the jogging stroller. Measure again in January and compare every 3 months after that. ALso lost .5 inch on my waist. Also did chest a measurement too. my BIO is all updated on the right of this page.

Hit Wallman trail (3200 ft gain manually, 4100 garmin) and rocked the climbs. 11.4 miles all together but more like 13-14 with the hills and trails. Need to do some long stuff and some really fast stuff for the half mary coming up in Dec. The hill climb on Nov 8 should go really well and then need to get ready for the Turkey trot so I know what I need to try and pace the 1/2 at. Worked really well last year so will just do the same this year.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snow Already?

26 degrees out and snow yesterday during my run. The wind was the only thing that makes these temps troublesome. Baby Journey and I braved the elements for our 10 mile run. The stroller is nice bc you can wear whatever you want to start and shed stuff and have a place to put it quick and easy and get back on if you need. Now everyone out there thinking about not going out in any weather has to wait until it at least gets worse then these conditions.

Weight loss is coming along and I am 6.8 pounds down from Aug 15 and it will start getting tough in a little while esp as the temps drop. I am starting to look for an Iron to do to keep me motivated to loose the weight on track.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Cyclocross Sucks

Well its 85 for the series instead of 25 bc of the insurance that I was supossed to know about since 3/4 events I have done have NOT had it and since MBRA gets money from it then the race should be listed on their website right? Wrong. Oh well. Missoula sucks more and more. The race was a wash bc I wasnt able to get to the start fast enough to line up and the race was over from there. To narrow to pass until I was already 1/2 mile behind the leaders. Stupid. Need a bigger ego and to cheat and get on the outside just like 70.3 races riding in the other lane. Oh well, the midwest is better.

People are actually arguring that bulbouts that recently caused a racer in down to go down bc of being pinched between it and the bulbout. People are saying that cyclists pretty much have Zero right to the road. Wonderful that cyclists hate cyclists. Can't wait to get out of here.

In other news my weight loss is going on track and running is going pretty well but my speed is truly gone. Gonna have to find a way to deal with that. Next race is Oct 17 and is a flat open trail 5K.