Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wallman trail and updates.

Down 10 pounds from Aug 15. Updated my measurements and my quads are getting bigger in respect to my calves. That bodes well for triathlon, up to a ratio of 1.56 from 1.44 this year. Must be the jogging stroller. Measure again in January and compare every 3 months after that. ALso lost .5 inch on my waist. Also did chest a measurement too. my BIO is all updated on the right of this page.

Hit Wallman trail (3200 ft gain manually, 4100 garmin) and rocked the climbs. 11.4 miles all together but more like 13-14 with the hills and trails. Need to do some long stuff and some really fast stuff for the half mary coming up in Dec. The hill climb on Nov 8 should go really well and then need to get ready for the Turkey trot so I know what I need to try and pace the 1/2 at. Worked really well last year so will just do the same this year.

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