Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snow Already?

26 degrees out and snow yesterday during my run. The wind was the only thing that makes these temps troublesome. Baby Journey and I braved the elements for our 10 mile run. The stroller is nice bc you can wear whatever you want to start and shed stuff and have a place to put it quick and easy and get back on if you need. Now everyone out there thinking about not going out in any weather has to wait until it at least gets worse then these conditions.

Weight loss is coming along and I am 6.8 pounds down from Aug 15 and it will start getting tough in a little while esp as the temps drop. I am starting to look for an Iron to do to keep me motivated to loose the weight on track.


  1. Snowed here today as well (10/10). 27 degrees with windchill of 17 when I ran. Actually overdressed a bit. Just not ready for this (snow) yet!

  2. I have a fever today and my body feels weak so be careful getting out there. At least I am following the Ironman.