Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Recap

Distance Time
Swim 1900 0:30:00
Bike 319.5 16:31:00
Run 104.7 13:17:00 7:37 /mile

Total Time 30:18:00
Days off: 3
Workouts: 34
Key Workouts
23:51 Indoor 10 mile TT
500 yard swim TT in 7:49 (PR by 2 seconds)

Need to work on next month
Fatigue: Get calories before workouts figured out.
Swim more
Long runs

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Training Pics and Stuff

Here is the view from the no heat (not attached so no radiant heat, no electric other then 1 bulb and no airflow. I think my intervals have been a little high and been wearing myself out so I am gonna look at the data today.
This was my run on snow and ice the other day. 7:43 pace for 8 miles so pretty good bc a couple were at 8:20 when not on the straight trail.

Did 2x5min intervals today at 27.1 and 27.3 at 81 RPM and 156 HR AVG. Also working on a testing protocol for my aero helmet.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

DIY Homemade Aero Helmet V2.0

Well, this was based on what the riders at the 2009 Tour de France were wearing bc I could get specs on them. My dad had an idea for a foam cutout for the rear that would be lightweight and be able to be taped over yet sturdy enough. I will have to look more into fiberglass cloth and some other options for the final version bc this one is SWEET!

This is trying to show the curve to the underside.

This photo you can kind of see the curve back under the around the back of the neck and out.

Homemade Aero Helmet DIY

Well, here are the pics. I am pretty sure I am gonna refine with an actual plastic shell. Any comments or suggestions are more then welcome. This should be better then the Ski conversion kit bc I don't need too real of tools. A dremel should cut it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

10 Mile Trainer TT

This is the hardest workout that I do and I don't do it often. The conditions are essentially the same every time so it is a great test. I had a little more then 3 beers last night so today was prolly not the "best" time to try but I need to get better about both testing and hitting workouts when I plan for them.

I hit 23:51 with a HR of 163 and cadence of 79. I was the same weight as a year ago and my HR was up 7 and cadence up 3 and I took 2 seconds off my time. The HR was prolly due to not as god an effort overall. I died more then then this time so this time if I did 10 more minutes I would have come out a lot better. I also had a different tire on (need to get a conti yellow). From this effort I am going to adjust my LT HR down 2 beats to 165 as that is where I sat at most of the time with a max of 168 when I hit the last .4 miles killer hard (belched up some stuff from the stomach in true give it all fashion).

After not biking after KS (6 months) and just 2 weeks in the saddle with the TT bike and a tough day yesterday and some other good stuff this week I am very pleased. It is odd that I am hitting my biking and swimming right on while running has been the focus and I am not hitting those marks. I think that is due to the low volume of speed work due to the stroller. The running feels like it is there but it is too hit and miss. Want to do some mile repeats coming up.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

First swim in 7 months and a 500 yard PR!

So, no swimming since Kansas at all but I have been reading and thinking about it a lot. That is funny but it is meant to be serious. I have also been doing bands at home while thinking hard about swimming. Really thinking. Anyway I broke my 500 yard pool time by 4 seconds! I took it down to a 7:49 with no flip turns. Also hit 4x100 in 1:24-1:29. 1900 total which is pretty sweet.

Friday, January 15, 2010

New motivational poster

Got on the trainer and did 30 minutes of 56x11 at 52-55 rpm in aero position. Starting to feel it all come back. Might actually be ready for the TT effort here soon.

Monday, January 11, 2010

First Real Trainer ride with TT bike

Took the bike to the clubhouse since I dislike the cold garage (not attached and no sun).
Did 2x1 min to warm up, then 2x5min (26.7@157 cad 90, 26.4@158 cad 76 ) then 1 leg each leg for 1 min then 5 min 56x12 gear at 55rpm. Went through 1 and 3/4 bottles bc it was too hot in there. Here is a crappy picture I took of myself in the mirror.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yearly Totals

Run: 1465 (28 miles a week)
Bike: 1975 (37 miles a week)
Swim: 9.6 (311 yards a week)
Races 8, Triathlons 1
Seeing as year one of having a child is over I would say this was a successful year in light of those totals. I wish my weight had been more under control and the consistency really needs work.

I would like to run the same amount while getting in more biking (have to see how towing the stroller goes for miles in). Get in 50 miles swimming will also be a goal as it can be hard to get away from daddy day care. I also want to do 4 triathlons next year and at 12 races.

Weight is still the number one priority especially with the 9 pound gain during a 15 day span. STUPID.