Sunday, January 24, 2010

DIY Homemade Aero Helmet V2.0

Well, this was based on what the riders at the 2009 Tour de France were wearing bc I could get specs on them. My dad had an idea for a foam cutout for the rear that would be lightweight and be able to be taped over yet sturdy enough. I will have to look more into fiberglass cloth and some other options for the final version bc this one is SWEET!

This is trying to show the curve to the underside.

This photo you can kind of see the curve back under the around the back of the neck and out.


  1. Did you ever complete the helmet? I like the idea. I'm going to give it a shot myself.

  2. No, need more stuff to play around with. Tried melting styrofoam with acetone to make a plyable plastic that would harden. Too hard to work into something thin (but cool and easy fun though) Found some other "moldable plastics but they were too expensive. I just thought at 100 bucks i could get something good enough. I still think the cardboard model I have is the best fit you will ever find bc you can make it fit super tight. If you have access to some plastics that are light (this is actually the tough part) then go for it.