Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Recap

Distance Time
Swim 1900 0:30:00
Bike 319.5 16:31:00
Run 104.7 13:17:00 7:37 /mile

Total Time 30:18:00
Days off: 3
Workouts: 34
Key Workouts
23:51 Indoor 10 mile TT
500 yard swim TT in 7:49 (PR by 2 seconds)

Need to work on next month
Fatigue: Get calories before workouts figured out.
Swim more
Long runs


  1. Nice January! You're killing me on the bike... Good work!

  2. Nice bike numbers Adam. I was on pace for 300 then 'wheels fell off' the 3rd week. Feb will be another tough one for me....friggin' Real Job is killing me (time & soul). Just have to make it thru somehow and stay focused as much as possible. Once March hits I should be good to go.

    You keep it up! And get in the pool man!