Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yearly Totals

Run: 1465 (28 miles a week)
Bike: 1975 (37 miles a week)
Swim: 9.6 (311 yards a week)
Races 8, Triathlons 1
Seeing as year one of having a child is over I would say this was a successful year in light of those totals. I wish my weight had been more under control and the consistency really needs work.

I would like to run the same amount while getting in more biking (have to see how towing the stroller goes for miles in). Get in 50 miles swimming will also be a goal as it can be hard to get away from daddy day care. I also want to do 4 triathlons next year and at 12 races.

Weight is still the number one priority especially with the 9 pound gain during a 15 day span. STUPID.

1 comment:

  1. As fast as you are on the bike, I was surprised at the bike totals. Great job on the run miles! I would love to be near that this year. I'm fighting weight issues as well. Smaller portions and more workouts and hopefully I'll be where I want to be by time the season starts.