Thursday, January 21, 2010

10 Mile Trainer TT

This is the hardest workout that I do and I don't do it often. The conditions are essentially the same every time so it is a great test. I had a little more then 3 beers last night so today was prolly not the "best" time to try but I need to get better about both testing and hitting workouts when I plan for them.

I hit 23:51 with a HR of 163 and cadence of 79. I was the same weight as a year ago and my HR was up 7 and cadence up 3 and I took 2 seconds off my time. The HR was prolly due to not as god an effort overall. I died more then then this time so this time if I did 10 more minutes I would have come out a lot better. I also had a different tire on (need to get a conti yellow). From this effort I am going to adjust my LT HR down 2 beats to 165 as that is where I sat at most of the time with a max of 168 when I hit the last .4 miles killer hard (belched up some stuff from the stomach in true give it all fashion).

After not biking after KS (6 months) and just 2 weeks in the saddle with the TT bike and a tough day yesterday and some other good stuff this week I am very pleased. It is odd that I am hitting my biking and swimming right on while running has been the focus and I am not hitting those marks. I think that is due to the low volume of speed work due to the stroller. The running feels like it is there but it is too hit and miss. Want to do some mile repeats coming up.


  1. 32:09 for me but then I've never actually gone all out. Soon as I get over this ear infection crap I will give it a go. I'm sure I get it down under 30-mins. What is weird, I AVG prob 21 MPH on the road in training (race between 22-24 dependingon terrain) but indoors I'm like in the 18 MPS. Maybe I'm just an outdoor guy!

  2. It is really hard bc ANY loss of pressure to the pedals is compounded. You will slow to 0mph in seconds if you let up while getting a drink or wiping your face. There is no wind or hills for a slight mental break. The only good thing is that there is no turnaround. I failed once already a couple weeks back at this workout. Wanted to die after only 4 minutes and made it to 4:58.
    I really want to TT more since that is really all I do.
    Also time is not that important bc different trainers vary. I just want to be at my LT for the most of it. Thats the hard part.

  3. I'll do the workout this weekend and post my time. I'll go at most 23:50 :).

    My dad (2xIM, 1xKona) said that he noticed when he focused on running his cycling got better, and visa verso. For me this isn't the case, but just know you're not alone in that