Monday, September 12, 2011

NEMO Triathlon: Fastest bike split by 1:20!

NEMO is the big local race that I have been looking at for the past month since we moved
here.  The course is .75miles, 18 miles, and 5 miles.  The bike split includes a decent grass
hill run-up and your first and second transition.

The swim is the only part of the race that went bad. After pushing a couple people to get
sleeveless wetsuits (which they did and swam great) I used my full sleeve wetsuit and
could just not get enough shoulder rotation. It felt like my recovery stroke to put my hand
back in the water was harder then the actual stroke. At the time I guessed a two minute loss
plus the proverbial matches burned going at redline trying not to lose the race on the swim.
My time 21:16 (1:36 pace),first was 18:16 and a team guy from Truman went 14:00!

Onto the bike and I just felt flat. I never did get the feeling and shifted about 5 times more
then I normally do.  I had a team guy just blast by me like I was standing still about a mile
into the ride.
My split 45:16 which was 43:33 (24.8mph) on my watch. Next best was 1:40 behind and the
team split which had easier transitions was only 1:20 in front of me so I don't know how I
pulled that off. Left some time on the course there as well. It kinda felt like wind in both
directions which would explain the slower times this year on the bike portion.

Onto the run I felt pretty fast at first and held on pretty well.  There was a good runner behind
me and I got caught with about .5 miles to go and he just sat there. In retrospect I should have
went right then as he took off with 400 to go and put 20 seconds in me there.
Run was 31:59 (6:23) and that was good for 3rd best as the run is really hilly. First place had a
29:45 and he is known for his running.

Overall was a 1:38:31.  I am really happy with this race as I am 15 pounds off of a heavy race
weight as I am right at 180 pounds right now. Thats worth 1:15 to 2:30 minutes off the run
alone without any sacrifice on the bike. A better wetsuit is also going to be KEY.  At least I felt
like I pushed myself the entire time pretty well without folding. Could have done the race again
today so my top gear wasn't there. Had a bad headache after the race every time a beer wore
off as well.

It was great to have a lot of friends racing and cheering me on and to have fun at the awards
ceremony.  I won a $50 savings bond and a $150 entry to the Hy-Vee triathlon next year. Really
want to race again but that might be the last Tri of the year :(

Monday, September 5, 2011

Form Evaluation and 5K report.

This is a picture of the start of a 5k with me taking off with a very fit and "pure" runner that has about 40 pounds on me. I am still slightly overstriding but my arms, front leg, foot strike and lean are all great. Just need to kick up the turnover a tad. In order to really do that and start utilizing my engine I really need to cut those pounds. I am about 179 in the race. That is just pure speed on the table. I am beyond even being able to tell my potential at this point. I know this is a recurring theme on the blog but in the interest in science and performance I really need to bring it up again. I ended up fourth overall and only one place out of where I should have been. I still think the tri will go alright after a couple of full days of training. The run course is a power course and I will be ready for it by then.