Monday, September 5, 2011

Form Evaluation and 5K report.

This is a picture of the start of a 5k with me taking off with a very fit and "pure" runner that has about 40 pounds on me. I am still slightly overstriding but my arms, front leg, foot strike and lean are all great. Just need to kick up the turnover a tad. In order to really do that and start utilizing my engine I really need to cut those pounds. I am about 179 in the race. That is just pure speed on the table. I am beyond even being able to tell my potential at this point. I know this is a recurring theme on the blog but in the interest in science and performance I really need to bring it up again. I ended up fourth overall and only one place out of where I should have been. I still think the tri will go alright after a couple of full days of training. The run course is a power course and I will be ready for it by then.

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