Friday, October 30, 2009

Missed weight target

Well, my birthday was wed and so by fri I was way up for the week. Started "The Daily Plate" calorie tracker over at Livestrong. Gonna go for 2500 calories a day for a week and see what that does. I will eat more on Sunday for the long workout though.

I am feeling super strong in the hills lately although my back threw me for a loop this week. ON track to hit 65+ miles this week and will cut back next week a little bc of the race. Fri and Sat will be a little easier. This weight loss really needs to stay on track bc I am starting to feel really good running and I am getting stronger with the stroller at the same time.

Race up Mount Sentinel next Sun. Brutal, 1950 ft in 2.3 miles for 16.1 % grade with the start being around 20 %. Going for under 30 minutes. 28 would be in my dream world bc last year I ran 25:03 for 1.75 miles up a steeper route which ends up being faster at these grades.

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