Thursday, September 24, 2009

Testing shows progress.

Been a week since the 5 x 1/2mile repeats. Went faster (3:08,3:06,3:05,3:06,2:49)Z4 7:15 Z5 1:45. I was in Zone 4 for 1:45 less and Z5 for :15 more then last time and took a total of 10 seconds off the work effort. This is important bc sometimes those 2 seconds per 800 don't seem like much. The first four are always controlled and then I try to stay in the first half of zone 4 after .2 miles. This just works best with the stroller and provides a decent baseline for testing for faster efforts at a similar HR. Got up t0 182 on the last one. Only get that high about once a year. Also easy to repeat. There was some smoke in the air so I also took it a little cautious.

Cross practice was last night and this series is going to be AWESOME. Weekly races to report on as well. The competition here is really good so just hoping to have solid efforts.

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