Sunday, August 16, 2009

Longest Stroller Run To Date

Went out and managed 13.6 miles (with some hills) in 1:59:00 and my abs were TOAST afterwards. I went thru my usual 8.8 with a little ahead (on time but elav was highest point) and then just survived after that. I dont want to push the long run until I can get aat least 3 solid high mileage weeks in and I want to slowly bring Journey up to staying the the stroller longer.

Also built a weight loss plan to be at 159.8 by May 1, 2010. My wife and I are going to do something to help make this happen (she is losing too). Thats 20.8 pounds and my size is not that bad so this should be interesting but the best time to really try it since racing is only for fun (and not proving something for myself)

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