Sunday, August 2, 2009

Criterium Results

Well, the race stared fast, the first video clip is the start which was only just out of view. So fast already. I am the rider in a red vest with black sleeves and black and blue shorts 2nd to last! The Men B guys took off even before I could get clipped in.

There was then a one person wreck with 2 people behind him (one was me) in only 2 more turns from the start and I spent the next 4-8 laps (no idea, bc of breaking up) trying to latch back on. I had to veer very wide and slowed down bc he was sliding my way. Burned most my matches there. Made my way back up and actually won a prime and you can see me taking off on the bell lap. I lost some of that crownd and led for 90% of the last lap before dying.

SUPER pleased bc I got 4th overall with over 20 in the field and 2nd in the Cat5 so I made my podium and I was so dead even before I got back on the peloton 8 out of 10 matches burned.
Just not like the midwest race I was in before. The guy who wrecked also cut me off getting back into the race when I was trying to latch on and caused me a whole nother lap by myself. Won a hat and a 12 pack of Fat Tire beer for my efforts. Also got some more goodies so that was fun.

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  1. Great job! Wish I could help you with that Fat Tire... :) Hey, do you know Matt Seeley? He was out here from Montanna for about a week, he's friends with Ted Z. He won the Ultramax 50, super stud triathlete! Really cool guy, we did some rides and hung out some...