Sunday, October 10, 2010

5K Race Report

The race was the Parowan Fall Fest 5K. I rode my bike 21 miles in 1:15 out to the race site (all uphill into the wind so felt more like a 25 mile effort). I was still hacking up phlegm on the way out so I decided to just race as hard as I could. The whole high school cross country team was there and I said I was worried about them and they said they were worried about me bc of my triathlon shirt. I thought that was really funny.

The race started really hard and I was immediately in 5th position. I moved up to 3rd my the 1/2 mile and got stuck there. The race was a little chilly and at 6000 feet. The first mile was a 5:37 (downhill) and then it just slowed from there. a 6:19 and a 6:39 and a good kick meant a 6:10 pace for a 18:47 which was a minute off first and about 7 seconds off second.

Best of all I WON $50.00, a $5.00 gift cert to a local store, and a cookbook written by the community. I am supposed to spend the 50 in the town (2800 people) and I will, just slowly, bc I hit up the local bakery quite a bit and bring people out there all the time so I figure I do my part for local business.

I got to see some big wigs that I work with so that was fun too to show we can all get together and not argue about prairie dogs all the time. I may do a 5K this weekend that has an uphill start which works better for me. I am already ready for the tri in Nov.

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  1. Nice job Adam. How come the leaves in that picture have yet to change color? And can you run faster than a prairie dog?

    I hope you feel well enough to run the next 5K!