Friday, October 1, 2010

September Totals and an "I'm back" bike ride.

September Totals
Swim 0:30:00 1200
Bike 7:32:00 136
Run 13:29:00 98.8
Total: 21:22:00
Days off: 16
Workouts: 18
Key Workout: None
Dislocated finger and family Stomach flu means little biking and 10 days lost running.
Work was also pretty long.

Man, this month seemed terrible but then I look at how many days I had off (nine was most all year in a month) and then to almost hit 100 running is pretty good. Had quite a few 10+ mile runs in there. The stomach flu effects lasted quite a bit longer on my GI then I had hoped. This really make me pull back and some days I just felt tired.

The first workout of October was a controlled 53 mile bike at 21mph with some easy spinning in there. One of the best bikes I have had in a very long time. If I can get that natural ability back trained I should be able to rock some races. The one swim I did went very well as I was almost where I left off.

Sept Goals
Swim NONE (WIN, I got one swim in!)
Bike 300 (DRAW, w/o stomach flu would have had it)
Run 135 (DRAW/WIN, w/o stomach flu would have had it and then some)

Oct Goals
Do two 5k's of which I want them both under 18.
Swim 15,000
Bike 300
Run 140

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  1. Have a great October. Hope you can hit your goals, especially the sub-18 min 5K's. I'm sure you will.