Sunday, September 5, 2010

IM St George a No-Go

Cost IM Non IM
Race 629
Wetsuit 180
Helmet 120
Fuelbelt 50 50
Shoes 100 100
Nutrition 50
Tires 140 30
TOTAL $1269 $180
There is also the problem that my front wheel is a cyclocross wheel. I feel like I am unfortuntately at the point in the sport where a couple pieces of equipment can really make or break me. Mostly in the terms of risk/reward. I feel like I would need to race at a 1-2 out of 10 good finish to walking ratio then the 9/10 ratio that I could go with the equipment.

I really like the science behind the sport and the cost/benefit of a lot of things like positioning, in training, and nutrition but there is a point. I think that a new wetsuit (mostly fitting, i bleed in 3-4 places every time i use it even with chafe stuff)) and aero helmet (also for warmth as that is a big limiter for me) are huge. At least 3-4 minutes on a IM swim from the wetsuit as it would also help with the cold. The helmet should provide 3-5 minutes depending on speed. Then there are just a couple more things like new race tires (mine are 7 years old) and more gels and stuff to train with that I can normally stay away from. I also think my budget for the items I want is pretty low so its not just that I want the best but rather those are just the cheapest.

I am thinking about getting these two things and going for Branson 70.3 when I return home.

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