Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weights 0:25:00
Swim 3:45:00 9900
Bike 16:02:00 312
Run 14:05:00 112.3
Total: 34:17:00
Days off: 4
Workouts: 33
Key Workouts: 10/17: Brick: Stroller pull then 5m tempo thru 5k at 19:40 for a 32:30 HR 166
10/6: Track 6x400 (86,83,82,79,77,74)
10/14: 5x400 in 1:24-1:27, 400 in 6:20.
10/19: Track 10x1/3M (69,57,57,56,53,52,48,48,49,47)

Oct Goals Report
Do two 5k's of which I want them both under 18. (WIN, not under 18 but placed well)
Swim 15,000 (Fail, pool closed for a week)
Bike 300 (WIN)
Run 140 (Fail, need to hit 35 at least)
Finally got in some good track workouts and swam a little. Some quality on the bike and just some miles. Also started to get the 1:45 or more run in a couple times which is nice. In November I am using a coach for the first time. Daniel Bretscher from Indiana is going to try coaching me. The first week is a little funky but that is more of my fault due to how my stay at home schedule has worked out. I will also need to modify some of the running to be done with the stroller. Its hard to convey how hard it is to push 50 pounds while you are running.

Nov Goals
Win sprint triathlon and go 52 minutes. (53:45 this spring)
Swim 15,000 and better quality.
Bike 300 Seems like a good distance right now.
Run 140 Need to get ramping for the weather turn.
I really need to be under 168 the whole last week of the month.

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  1. Very solid numbers all around and a very solid month. I'd take those numbers any month of the year.