Friday, November 5, 2010

Big week with coaching.

Had my biggest week yet with a 12:34:00. Got in zero swimming bc I found out the pool is closed for highschoolers when I can go bc they tore down the only other pool in town. Anyway I hit 125 on the bike and 42 running. The best part is that I had a lot of efforts in there as well.

I am being coached this month by Daniel Bretscher from Indiana. I saw a opportunity on his blog for a free month of coaching and I thought it would be good for the both of us. I told him I wouldn't be able to afford to actually get coached but I think he is looking to refine his long distance coaching (seems like he does a ton of cool stuff for local people) and he hit a training lull so it seemed fun. Things are going good except for the pool thing. I may change things up a bit from prescribed this week bc of the race on Sat. He had Fri off which just doesn't work for me personally so no fault of his at all. I am also going to up the swimming since I have only been in the pool something like 10 times since early June. Just trying to get more times in the pool with easy efforts between workouts.

The best thing I have gotten out of coaching so far is it is nice just having someone to report to and then actually doing workouts instead of just miles.

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  1. I'll be interested to see how it works out with Daniel Bretscher! He's a stud, tempted to try out the free coaching deal too, but I'm training for an early December marathon and know what I need to do the rest of the month...