Saturday, November 13, 2010

Course and Bike Records fall at Turkey Tri.

The Turkey Tri is a pool 400 yard swim, 10 mile bike, and 3 mile run. 360 people were in the race.

Swim- 6:20 (1:35 pace) 12th overall. The pool was 88 degrees (normal pools 78-82) and the air right above was thick but there was also about a 10 second run to get in and then again to get out so prolly right around 6 flat for the swim. T1 was a slow 1:15 bc i had to run a long way in my built up bike shoes for my short leg bc there is no time to ride on the shoes and the grass was wet
and frosty earlier.

Bike- 26:16 (22.9mph) 1st overall. Beat the bike record so I finally have an official bike record. The course has three turnarounds and 2 big hill after left hand turns. There was actually some wind today so I was pretty happy. Ben Hoffman rode this course in the spring in 28:20 with T2 included (which he is fast at) and I went 41 secs so take what you will. All I know is that I went way faster then this spring (28:30) and it hurt accordingly. And it is a tri and he can still out swim-bike-run me any day of the week. Hills were about 360 ft of climbing (garmin says 560). The bike portion was 25:36 according to the garmin which was wicked fast.

Run- 17:41 (5:53 pace) This part hurt. My first out on the out-n-back was brutal. My upper diaphragm was killing me. I think I need to pull back and relax for just a tiny amount of time bc after the downhill coming back in I hurt but could push finally. Second half of run was much better.

Overall course record was a 52:18 (Previously the record was 53:55). Second place was 53:50 and third was 55:26.

I won a $100 gift cert to the running store. I know the guy who owns the running store and he is signed up for IMSG but doesn't want to do it. (No training and signed up on a whim the day after.) so I am gonna see if he would try and get his entry transferred to me as a business thing since he is big in the community and sells tri stuff so it would be good to have a representative. Any thoughts on this would be helpful.

I am super duper excited about the bike given the training I had been up to. I think the aero helmet helped to be honest. Glad to run like I did after that hard on the bike. On a side note I didnt fall asleep until like 2 something which is 4 hours later then normal. Don't think it affected me but in a longer race it would.


  1. Hmmm, on a 10 mile bike course an aero helmet is probably only worth 10 seconds max. So what else have you been doing? Think maybe running and pushing the heavy baby jogger has strengthened your legs?

  2. Yeah, the stroller is a complete leg workout. It is getting up to 55 pounds now. Just did 12 miles just under 8 min pace and it is hard mentally as well bc everything is a struggle. Was gonna hit some weights hard but I think I will ease a little slower into it. I have also been riding like I did in Kville, just for fun, whatever I feel like riding.
    I need to find a good Half Iron bc I think with just a couple long rides I could rock that distance. I still think even with this result I think I can easily improve my bike or at least be able to pace easier and start to run stronger. Double this distance and add about 20 seconds to the bike for pacing and I think I could hit 36 for a 10k run. Thinking Boise or Branson . My run speed feels about maxed but running longer doesn't mean the normal amount of slowing down. I think 2011 is gonna be my year.

  3. Wow that's awesome, You're FAST! Nice job on your bike time! I can't believe we beat Ben Hoffman. I don't live in St. George, but the next time I'm down there, I would love to train with you on the IM course. You game?