Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2018 Recap and Future Plans

2018 consisted of finishing my teaching license and starting as a teacher in Eau Claire. Training took a back seat to the early year stress (EdTPA which is the worst assessment for teachers ever) and my weight got up to 222.4 at the end of August. The higher weight definitely affected my motivation to workout and ride. My gut was also literally getting in the way based on my position. Since September I have lost an avg of .18 pounds per day or 1.29 pounds per week. Just gonna keep going on that. I am 46.1% of the way to my goal at only 45.2% of the time so a couple tenths ahead of the game.

Swim: I think only 3 swims for about an hour.
Bike:   2295 miles in 131 hours  or 47 miles a week
Run: 144 miles in 22 hours or 2.8 miles a week.

The main plan is to focus on the weight loss while getting more regular about workouts.  Main goal is to do the Eau Claire Triathlon on June 7.  I will try and get a race or two in before then and do some more Zwift events as well. After that I would like to hit some sprints and olympics with maybe a Half at the end of August or Sept if swimming is going ok.

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