Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year in Review

2013 Year in Review
Swim 4 hours 28 min                 15200  yards
Bike  246 hours 28 min 
   4824 miles
Run   85 hours 10 min 653 miles
0:44:00  weights
Total:     336 hours 6 min

0:55:00 workout per day.   
6:28:00 workout per week. 
Days off: 151
Weeks over 10 hours:  8 
Weeks over 14 hours:    1
Biggest week June 16:05 
Swim 292 yards per week. 1200 a month
Biked 93 miles per week. 400 a month
Ran 12.6 miles per week.  53 a month
Triathlons: 1 completed
Running Races: 0
Weight in April 192 end 172
Key Workouts:
Numerous Strava KOM's in DE,MD,PA area.

Quote from Last year.
"This was the year of moving to Maryland. Longest drought in blog history. Been battling with really hating this place. Workout wise the cycling is pretty good but everything else sucks.  Won't go too much into it as I am trying to stay positive but let it has worn on me and we still have a while left. Might end up being a whole year of no races, or 1 or 2 off key events."

Well, it didn't get any better. By March I had quit working out entirely and was up to 192 pounds and feeling really sorry for myself. A lot of crappy things happened with 3 of the jobs the wife applied for. Two were previous undergrad hires (which sucks bc when she was working at her undergrad she didnt even make the interview cut) and then someone with lots of money raised in the past.

We are now out in Littleton CO for two years and I think things are gonna turn around a bit. It was rough at first and I have NO idea what I will be doing for work here. The State Park stuff pays 9 an hour for nights, weekend, and holidays to be a Ranger. Well, onto training.

I have a powermeter bc my trainer fried and I was able to get a new trainer and a powertap with a Joule 2.0 for basically $150 out of pocket.  I also have a new GT Zaskar 29R mountainbike bc the kiddo and I do not have a car so I have to tow or push her to pre-k and any hiking or playgrounds we want to go to.

I am gonna start to focus on training just to have something external and under my control to focus on. Have some races lined up as well. We will see how it goes.
Avg over 10 hrs a week.
Less then 30 days off.
Race 7 times.

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